Dominos Jazz Cash Offer | Pizza 70% Discount

Buy Pizza from Dominos and pay via JazzCash to get a 70% discount according to Dominos Jazz Cash Offer. This discount offer is available in selected cities of Pakistan and you can get a special discount on a small, medium and a large pizza.

In Pakistani telecom history, this is the best coordination of JazzCash ever made with fast food & western items branch Dominos. Who among us doesn’t use to buy pizza in these years? Hence people always remain in search of such affordable discount offers.

We often use JazzCash but it will be the first time we will receive a special gift every time we QR via JazzCash. We suggest you buy pizza today from Dominos and pay your pizza bill through digital method transactions to win a free discount.

Dominos Jazz Cash Offer

According to Dominos Jazz Cash Offer buy a small, large, or medium pizza from Dominos and pay your payment with Jazz Cash QR code. This will make you eligible to get a special discount automatically added to your account. Your current pizza price will reduce to 70% less and you will get a bumper discount.

If you are going to buy large, small, or medium pizza today then you must have to pay Rs 499, Rs 1299, or Rs 1799 according to pizza size before this offer. But pizza lovers must have to join JazzCash because Dominos Jazz Cash Offer is giving 70% off and the current price reduces to the lowest price. Let’s take a look at the discount price:


Pizza SizeActual PricePrice After Discount
Small PizzaRs 499Rs 99
Medium PizzaRs 1299Rs 499
Large PizzaRs 1799Rs 999

Dominos Offer Items

This discount offer is only available for 3 selected items. Yes! you will avail of 70% off on Dominos small, medium and large pizza. This discount has decreased the price of these items very much so that the sale of pizza has become double. Here we have described these items with their old and new prices.

Small Pizza

The original price of Dominos Small Pizza is 499 rupees. But when you buy this pizza and scan the bill through the Jazz Cash QR Code method to pay it then Dominos coordination with Jazz works and you become eligible to avail “Dominos Jazz Cash Offer” on that product. Hence the price reduces to Rs 99 and you get that pizza in 99 rupees only. Get details about Jazz Postpaid Monthly Supreme from here.

Medium Pizza

You know very well that medium pizza costs 1299 rupees. But pay with QR today and let Jazz Cash buy some discount for you. After the discount price becomes 499 rupees.

Large Pizza

In the end, the last discount is given on large pizzas. As the size of food is large hence discount should also be large. Scan QR Code to buy it through Jazz Cash App and get 1799 rupees pizza in 999 rupees.

Selected Locations

In Pakistan, the authorities select the major cities for discounts. These cities include Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, and Abbottabad are include in the list of those cities that have been select for Dominos Jazz Cash Offer. On the other hand, the “nationwide” option is also present for city selection. Hence you can get a discount on the whole of Pakistan.

Terms & Conditions
  • This is a limited time offer
  • Jazz Cash App is need for QR Scan
  • Offer is valid on all Dominos branches
  • Enjoy fast food with telecom discount
  • Get more info about this offer from here