Du 2 Fils Per Minute International Call Offer

1st of all remember 1 fact, Du charges 2 fils per second in international calling buckets. Dial *135*70# and select 1st option to activate Du 2 Fils Per Minute International Call Offer. This offer has make it possible to make calls to your love ones back to home at cheapest calling rate.

As you know the UAE Dirham is divided in 100 Fils. That’s why, people search for such international calling buckets that gives them maximum international calling minutes starting from 2 Fils Per Minute. But the actual offer is 2 Fils per second.

No other network in UAE can compete with cheapest calling rates of Du for both local and international protocol. Hence make connection between you and your family strong via Du cheap international call rates.

Du 2 Fils Per Minute Call Offer

Now make calls to 10 different countries of world at fix calling price. This Du International Calling rate start from 2 Fils per second and goes up to 1.43 AED per minute. Let’s see each country one by one with its specific (fix) calling rate per minute.

Remember 1 fact, all these countries calling offers comes after implementation of 5% AIT tax. That’s why, the price increase to 38 Fils per minutes. Hence no other taxes will apply on these calling buckets.

Full Details:

Offer Name:Du Call Offer
Call Rate Per Sec:2 fils/sec
Call Rate Per Min:38 fils/min
Call Setup:AED 1.05
Total Rate:1.43 AED
Countries:Selected 10
Subscribe Code:*135*30# and press 1
Unsubscribe Code:*135*30# and press 3.

Selected 10 Counties List

These are those selected countries where the fix calling rate 2 Fils per second (38 Fils per Minutes + 1.05 AED call setup) charges apply.


Calling Rate Full Details

Here is the division of calling rate in this *135*70# calling bundle. Lest see per second, per minute and other taxes details:

  • 2 Fils Per Second
  • 38 Fils Per Minute
  • 1.05 Call Setup Fee

Here is the list of total price when you make international call by subscribing this 10 countries international calling bucket.

Call Duration:Price + Tax:
1 Minute1.43 AED
2 Minutes1.81
3 Minutes2.19
4 Minutes2.57
5 Minutes2.95
6 Minutes3.33
7 Minutes3.71
8 Minutes4.09

That’s it, it was the calling charges of this international call bucket. Hence activate this international call package using code or Du App if you want to make call according to given pattern of charges structure.

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Apna4G Conclusion

For the residents of these 10 selected countries this bucket is perfect. Make sure you call according to the rate that applies according to duration of your voice call. hence your balance will be deducted according to duration of call you made.

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