Du 7 Fils Per Minute International Call Offer 2024

Du 7 Fils Per Minute International Call Offer is valid for 30 days and deduct fix charges while calling to India. Yes! This Du International Call Pack is for the UAE to India dialing. Here, full details about this voice package is present below.

In the UAE (United Arab Emirates) thousands of Indian as living. Many of them are living in the UAE temporarily and many have become permanent resident of the UAE. Hence, they usually make calls back to their homes in India.

This is the main reason the Du by e& is giving a golden opportunity to make calls to India using Du SIM at affordable rate of 7 Fils Per Minute. Yes! You heard right, subscription method of this affordable package is present here.

Du 7 Fils Per Minute International Call Offer

Du is giving a golden opportunity to call back to your love ones in India through New Du International Call Package. You need to dial *055# and follow the procedure that is describe below.

For 30 days, you will be charged a fixed call rate if you call to India. Hence, the Du 7 Fils Per Minute Package is available for all Indian people who are living in the UAE.

Follow these steps to activate this pack:

Dial *055# code

Dial *055#

Reply with 11 for More

reply with 11

Reply with 8 for Voice Packs

reply with 8

Now Reply with 1 for International Minutes

Reply with 1

Reply with 1 for Unlimited Calls to India at 7 Fils per Minutes

Du 7 Fils Per Minute International Accept

Done! In few seconds you will receive a conformation SMS from Du

Du 7 Fils Per Minute International Done

Remember 1 fact, the call rate is fixed, and you will be charges according to minutes you make calls. For example, you call to India for 2 minutes. Then according to 7 fils per minute rate, your charges will be 14 Fils to call for 2 minutes.

Du Call Package For India

It would be not wrong to say that following Du International Call Package is Du India Call Pack. It is specially for those people who want to call all the networks of India. Fixed calling rate has made it easy to make international call through Du.

Du 7 Fils Per Minute International SMS
Fixed Call Rate Details

This pack deducts 7 Fils Per Minute. Hence, according to this calculation, the following chart is designed. It gives you a quick view to different minutes you call and price of your different duration call.

  • 7 Fils Per Minutes
  • 1.05 Call Setup Fee

Full Details

1 Minute7 Fils
2 Minutes14 Fils
3 Minutes21 Fils
4 Minutes28 Fils
5 Minutes35 Fils

It is the cheapest international call package of Du that is the 1st priority of all Indian friends. Hence, enjoy this monthly call package at fixed calling rate on Du. You can also activate Du Monthly Data Package at 50 AED and 55 AED from here.

Terms & Conditions
  • This is a Du Postpaid Pack
  • It is a 30 Days valid voice pack
  • Call support UAE to India dialing
  • Each call will deduct 7 Fils per Minute
  • 1.05 Call setup charges will also apply
  • Download Du App for online activation