GP 3 Days Internet Offer (Details)

GP 3 Days Internet Offers with price, code and other basic details are present here. Grameenphone is providing 9 packages that are valid for 3 days and provides minimum to maximum internet at affordable price. Hence, we have collected all 3 days internet packages of GP here on this page for our dear visitors.

We have mentioned the internet (MBs) with price of those 3 days valid packages below. Hence, take a look at these packages and decide which package will you activate on your prepaid Grameenphone SIM card.

It is the desire of every prepaid GP user to activate such internet pack, which works for 3 days non-stop. Keeping in view the need of prepaid users, the Grameenphone officials have recently introduced numerous 3 days internet packs. We have described all those packages here on this page.

GP 3 Days Internet Offers

GP 3 Days Internet Packs starts from 512 MB in 38 Taka and ends at 12GB in 118 Taka. Hence, select the package according to your data usage and enjoy the non-stop 3G/4G (LTE) internet in Bangladesh.

These are the names of those GP 3 days valid internet packages having 512 MB, 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 3.5GB, 6GB, 7GB, 9GB and 12GB internet for 3 days.

  • 512 MB Pack for TK 38
  • 1 GB Pack for TK 46
  • 2 GB Pack for TK 69
  • 3 GB Pack for TK 73
  • 3.5 GB Pack for TK 84
  • 6 GB Pack for TK 89
  • 7 GB Pack for TK 98
  • 9 GB Pack for TK 99
  • 12 GB Pack for TK 118

Get ready to see those latest Grameenphone (GP) Packages whose internet will only work for 3 days. In addition, the price and subscribe codes of these packs are also mention along with them.

512 MB Pack for TK 38

Firstly, here we have GP 512 MB Pack. Dial *121*3366# to activate this offer and get 512 MB 3G/4G internet for days in just 38 Taka only.

Offer Name:GP 512 MB Pack
Internet:512 MB
Validity:3 Days
Price:TK 38
Subscribe Code:*121*3366#

1 GB Pack for TK 46

Basically it is a 750MB pack but here you will get a bonus of 274MB which makes (750MB+274MB) = 1 GB in total. Hence, dial *121*3101# code to activate 1 GB Pack for TK 46 only.

Offer Name:GP 1 GB Pack
Internet:1 GB
(750MB+274MB Bonus)
Validity:3 Days
Price:TK 46
Subscribe Code:*121*3101#

2 GB Pack for TK 69

Activate 2GB Pack on your GP SIM today by dialing *121*3282# code and enjoy 2000 MB non-stop for 3 days on Grameenphone SIM for 69 Taka.

Offer Name:GP 2 GB Pack
Internet:2 GB
Validity:3 Days
Price:TK 69
Subscribe Code:*121*3282#

3 GB Pack for TK 73

Next package provide GP 3GB internet for 3 days in 73 Taka. For activation of this pack, please dial *121*3307# code. After subscribing this pack, you will receive 1GB every day (1GB x 3 days = 3GB) respectively.

Offer Name:GP 3 GB Pack
Internet:3 GB
Validity:3 Days
Price:TK 73
Subscribe Code:*121*3307#

3.5 GB Pack for TK 84

Do you want to get 3.5GB internet for 3 days on GP SIM in Bangladesh? If Yes! Then dial *121*3100# code and activate 3.5GB Pack for 84 Taka. It is a 3 days internet pack.

Offer Name:GP 3.5 GB Pack
Internet:3.5 GB
Validity:3 Days
Price:TK 84
Subscribe Code:*121*3100#

6 GB Pack for TK 89

Every day, you will receive 2GB internet if you activate this 6GB pack. This internet package charges 89 Taka and gives you 6GB for 3 days non-stop. Dial *121*3331# code to subscribe to this offer.

Offer Name:GP 6 GB Pack
Internet:6 GB
Validity:3 Days
Price:TK 89
Subscribe Code:*121*3331#

7 GB Pack for TK 98

Basically, this was a 5GB pack but Grameenphone is giving 2GB Bonus on it, and now it has become a (5GB + 2GB Bonus) = 7GB pack for 3 days in 98 Taka. This 7 GB Pack for TK 98 activation code is *121*3385# respectively.

Offer Name:GP 7 GB Pack
Internet:7 GB
(5GB + 2GB Bonus)
Validity:3 Days
Price:TK 98
Subscribe Code:*121*3385#

9 GB Pack for TK 99

GP deducts 99 Taka from your SIM Balance and gives you 9GB internet for 3 days. Every day, 3GB will be given (3GB x 3 days = 9GB). Dial *121*3423# code to activate this offer.

Offer Name:GP 9 GB Pack
Internet:9 GB
Validity:3 Days
Price:TK 99
Subscribe Code:*121*3423#

12 GB Pack for TK 118

Final package of the day is GP 12 GB Pack for TK 118 for 3 days. Dial *121*3446# code and activate this package for non-stop entertainment.

Offer Name:GP 12 GB Pack
Internet:12 GB
Validity:3 Days
Price:TK 118
Subscribe Code:*121*3446#

Enjoy Internet On GP

GP (Grameenphone) is the only telecom network of Bangladesh that comes with numerous 3 Days Internet Offers. Hence, next time whenever you want to activate any internet pack on GP SIM then we suggest you to select any of the given 3 days internet pack and enjoy internet for 3 days in affordable price.

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Terms & Conditions

  • These are GP prepaid packs
  • dial *121*1*4# code to check internet balance
  • To cancel your package, dial *121*3041# code
  • Internet of these offers will work on 3G/4G devices
  • Download MyGP App to check offer and remaining MBs
  • All type of taxes are included in the price of these offers