How To Activate Ufone SIM? Simple Guide

To Activate Ufone SIM you need to provide biometric verification and a CNIC Number with Rs 100/- and in a few easy steps, you can get access to a fully activated (legal) 4G SIM card.

As you know, the Government of Pakistan has made it compulsory to register your SIM card in your name (CNIC Card Number). Because your SIM card is your identity and in case of any misuse the registered CNIC holder will get the penalty.

This is a good (strict) rule, and now it has been included in Pakistan telecommunication law to register the SIM card before you buy it from any network. Hence, those users who are going to buy SIM cards from Ufone will have to register it 1st on a CNIC card.

How To Activate Ufone SIM?

There is no code or special string to activate a SIM. You just need to provide your CNIC Number, Name, and Thumb Impression (Biometric Verification), and pay for the SIM, and they will register a new SIM card in your name.

Hence, you will get an activated new Ufone SIM from a franchise, retailer, or local shop if buy it. Follow these steps and activate your 3G/4G Ufone SIM card:

  • Visit the Ufone franchise, shop, or portal
  • Buy a new Ufone SIM card
  • Now choose a number
  • Provide your CNIC
  • Provide your personal info
  • Now give biometric verification
  • They will register a SIM on your ID card
  • Hence, that SIM will be activated on your number
  • Done! This is a method to get activated 3G/4G Ufone SIM

Note: You must have to pay for the SIM card, this price varies in different areas of Pakistan from Rs 100 to 250 rupees.

SIM Activation Requirements

You just need 3 basic items to activate (register) an Ufone SIM card in Pakistan. If you miss anyone from these 3 required items, you will not able to activate Ufone 3G/4G SIM:

  • Your CNIC (ID) Card
  • Your Thumb Impress for Biometric verification
  • Basic SIM card fee Rs 100 (compulsory)

All these 3 items are compulsory, hence provide these 3 items to the Ufone franchise and get an activated Ufone 4G LTE SIM card.

Nayi SIM Free Minutes, SMS & MBs

As you have bought and registered (activated) a new (Nayi) Ufone SIM. That’s why, the Ufone will provide you free 5GB (2.5GB for Facebook & WhatsApp), 1000 SMS, 1000 Ufone Minutes, and 30 Other Network Minutes for 7 Days free. Dial *1000# to avail free incentives via Ufone Nayi SIM Offer.

Free Incentives (SMS, Minutes, and MBs Details):

Offer Name:Nayi SIM
Validity:7 Days
Subscribe Code:*1000#
Check Code:*706#

Note: These MBs will work according to the coverage area of the 3G and 4G networks.

See: Ufone 1-Hour Call Package

Terms & Conditions
  • New SIM Cost Rs 100
  • You can also get free SIM
  • Free SIM available in sales
  • Get free incentives for 7 days
  • Get free incentives within 90 days
  • No call setup fee will apply on minutes
  • SMS will work on all (On-Off) networks
  • MBs will work on plain internet and social apps

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