Check Laptop Generation & Model in Windows and in Other OS

It is very easy and has never been a time-consuming task to “Check Laptop Generation” in windows. However, we have described below each window setting to inquire about device generation. Stay connected with us to get step-by-step details along with images.

There are only versions that are the main reasons behind the success of Windows. Yes! All of us know that Window 7 & Window 10 has made a revolution in technology.

Using the internet & computer was never so easy like today it is. All these comforts to this technology have been added after the success of 7 & 10 windows. We have described the methods to inquire about Computer Generation while using these two OS.

Check Laptop Generation

Using the laptop of any company doesn’t affect the “checking laptop generation”. However, it is important to keep in mind that each company has launched its latest processors according to advanced years. Always try to buy a laptop that has been launched in the recent year so that it will increase the chance of a “new model processor”.

To Check Windows (7) Laptop Generation Follow these steps:

  • Right-click on “My Computer” or “This PC”
  • Tab “properties” present at the end of this menu
  • See the “System” area for your “PC Generation”
  • It will be like “Intel(R) Core (TM) i7-4”
  • Here the next figure after “i7” (4) is the generation
  • As in the given example, the generation is 4th having underline
  • It may be “i3” “i4” or greater versions
Check Laptop Generation

To Check Windows (10) Laptop Generation Follow these steps:

You can also check the generation of a laptop by following the trick described below:

  • Right-click on the desktop of pc
  • Now click on “personalize”
  • Tab on “Home icon” on the left side
  • Click on “System” in this list
  • Tab on “About” present at the end
  • Check laptop generation in “device specifications”
1st Step (Right Click on Desktop & Personalize)
Step 1 Check Laptop Generation
2nd Step (Home Icon)
Home - Check Laptop Generation
3rd Step (System)
System of pc
4th Step (About)
about button
5th Step (Device Specification)
check free

Check the status of your windows with these two tricks and comment below for more details & info.

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Apna4G Conclusion

Here you can check the model, device name, processor, installed RAM, device ID, product id, system type, and other basic details of your computer or laptop in a few easy steps. This article is helpful for all those users who don’t know the settings of Windows and want to check the model and generation at home.

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