Jazz 1 Hour Call Package For Unlimited Calls

Jazz 1 Hour Call Package is giving 100 Jazz to Jazz (On-Network Calling Minutes) for just 13 rupees. Dial *303# and follow the given instructions to activate this package.

One-hour call package is always of great importance because such package usually provides maximum minutes and deducts lowest price. That’s why, Apna4G has describe such a low rate “Jazz 1 Hour Call Offer” here with step by step subscription details.

This is a unique package which require its users to make it manually using a code. After dialing the subscription code, you need to follow a pattern to activate 1-hour call package.

Jazz 1 Hour Call Package

You need to dial *303# and follow the given instruction to activate Jazz 1 Hour Call Package and get 100 on-network minutes for 13 rupees.

You just need to have a prepaid SIM card. If you have got a prepaid SIM, and also it has 13 rupees load / balance present in it, then follow the given steps for offer activation:

Dial *303# code

Jazz 1 Hour Call Package *303#

Reply with 1 for daily validity

Jazz 1 Hour Call Package 1 Day

Reply with 1 to accept terms

Jazz 1 Hour Call Package Continue

Now type 100 and click on send

100 Minutes

Type 0 and click on send

Other Net 0

Again type 0 and click on send

MBs 0

Type 0 and proceed by clicking send

Off Min 0

Reply with 1 to conform

Incentives List Details

Done! You have successfully make your own Jazz (daily) 1-hour call package for 13 rupees. Related details about this offer is present below.

Make Your Own Hourly Call Offer

Jazz has not yet introduce any 1-hour call package, but it is in the hands of prepaid users to make any Call, SMS or Internet Package using the “Make Your Own” Offer. That’s why, in this article we have make 1 day valid 100 Jazz Minutes package which cost 13 rupees only.

Get 100 Jazz Minutes in Rs 13

By dialing *303# and following the instructions given above, you can easily get hourly minutes on Jazz SIM. Hence, according to this code and method, it is in your hands which type of package and what type of incentives you want at affordable price.

See: Jazz Monthly Max Offer

Terms & Conditions

  • You can’t subscribe multiple times this offer
  • This package is result of Make Your Own Offer
  • You can also choose the validity Daily, Weekly or Monthly
  • You can also choose Maximum Minutes, SMS and Internet
  • Price varies according to number of incentives & validity you choose
  • GST, AIT and FED will apply on this Jazz prepaid offer, see details on Jazz
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