Jazz Cash Debit Card Order Fees in 2024

All of us know Jazz Cash Debit Card Charges PKR 899 from the user’s account. Yes! Now receive Jazz Cash Debit Card in 899 rupees only.

A debit card is usually allotted by any bank to its users to get a loan while shopping and buying things from the market. However, the user must have to pay its bill at the end of each month. Here we have described the details of the Jazz one and the only card below.

Mobilink usually charges different amount according to the transition types or the quantity of amount the user receive or share. However, we have tried our best to describe complete details in the short tables below. But firstly, we must know about the details of the “JazzCash Debit Card”.

Jazz Cash Debit Card Charges

Mobilink is a widely used telecommunication network in Pakistan. We can say that the reason behind the success of this network is its offers and its low charges.

Here the network has launched a new service of the debit card associated with “JazzCash”. We have described its charge & method to order a card for your number.

The famous debit card by Mobilink is only available for a one-time fee of PKR 899. Here we have mentioned the details to order a new debit card on your number.

Order New Debit Card

Every Jazz Cash user can easily order a new JazzCash Debit Card by following the one and only tricks mentioned below. Please follow these instructions given below:

  • Open “Jazz Cash App”.
  • Now click on its option.
  • Click on “JazzCash Visa Debit Card”
  • After that click on “Order Now”.
  • Fill in the required fields and click on the “Arrow” button.
  • Jazz Cash Debit Card Charges “600” rupees fee.

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Get Card in 899 Rupees

Yes! Jazz has made it easy to get a visa debit card for just 899 rupees only. In addition, the best part is that it is a one-time fee only and the user will become able to get a card for less than 899 Rs only.