Jazz Free Facebook 2024 Code – 5000 MBs Daily

Telecom officials have launched a new Jazz Free Facebook Code. This code helps users to get 5000 Facebook MBs daily for free. These free MBs works for 24 hours. On the next day, you have to dial the same code to get more than 5000 MBs. You can avail daily 5000 MBs for Facebook for months & years.

There is not only a code that provides free Facebook. In fact, there are several codes and other tricks that can provide 100% working MBs every day to new & old users. We have described each of that working codes and tricks below. Try any one code and trick, and you will admire our hard work.

Jazz’s best tricks contain legal methods through which you can apply for daily free incentives (3G/4G) free internet MBs valid daily, weekly & monthly.

Jazz Free Facebook Code

To get 3G/4G data you have to dial Jazz Free Facebook Code. Dial *114*6# and get free 5000 MBs for Facebook. Repeat this code daily to get free 5000 social media MBs every day.

Free FB Code:

Offer Name:Free Facebook

Note: Free FB is available for prepaid users only.

It has been clearly mentioned above that this code is valid to give you 5000 (FB) MBs for one day. On the next day, you have to dial this code again to get further MBs. You can repeat this code till it gives you free MBs.

Jazz Free Facebook Code dial-pad code

This code has different working capacities on different numbers. Many numbers get every day 5000 MBs every 1 month. On the other hand, it has also provided free MBs to people for more than 6 months & a year.

Jazz Free Facebook (App)

Jazz’s official app gives daily free MBs. Hence, it is the second-best and most permanent source of free MBs to use Facebook on your 3G/4G mobile. All those users who are searching for Facebook MBs for free can get these MBs from the “Jazz World App”. You can get details about the “Jazz Conference Call” from this official link.

Get Free FB MBs with App

Use Free Mode

Jazz has also introduced a “Free Mode” in Facebook App to use FB with zero data. Yes! This trick is also available for all of those users who want to enjoy Facebook without having MBs. Here is what you have to do:

  • Turn on mobile data
  • Now open the Facebook App
  • Prefer Facebook Lite over FB App
  • Now click on the free mode given above
  • Congratulations! You can use Facebook for free
Free Mode Facebook (lite)


It is easy to use Free Facebook on Jazz legally because they provide a wide opportunity for all its users to use the internet with zero balance. That’s why people are converting their network to Jazz to get maximum opportunities for free internet. Try these tricks and in the next article, we will come up with new tricks to using the free internet on Jazz.