Jazz Infinity Bundle For 90 Days 2024 | All You Need To Know!

There are two packages that are launched in Jazz Infinity Bundle. 1st bundle is Voice Infinity & 2nd is Monthly Browser Offer. Let’s take a look at both of them separately.

You can receive countless minutes on Jazz 4G. On the other hand, the MBs will also give to you in unlimited format. How is this possible? Simply active these 2 bundles that are present on this page. Actually, these days’ people are getting confused because there are 2 infinity bundles.

For unlimited minutes and data, the 1st bundle comes with internet only and the 2nd bundle comes with minutes only. However, both of these have one thing in common and that is their unlimited (incentives & validity). FUP* (Fair Usage Policy) applies to both buckets.

Jazz Infinity Bundle (Net + Minutes)

You can get an internet package as well as a call package when you enter at the doorstep of infinity prepaid offers in Jazz 4G. Both packages have an affordable price and their subscription is possible for prepaid users present in any corner of Pakistan.

  • Minutes Package
  • Internet Package

We have described both Infinity packages (minutes + MBs) separately with subscription code, details, and resources below.

Voice Infinity Offer

Activate Jazz Voice Infinity Offer to get 120 Jazz Minutes and 20 Other Network Minutes in 85 rupees only. For subscription, dial *710# code will work. This is 90 days (3 Months) valid offer. It means that you can use Jazz to Jazz minutes for (3 months).


Bucket:Voice Infinity
Jazz Minutes:120 Minutes
Other Minutes:20 Minutes
Validity:90 Days
Price:Rs 85
Required Load:Rs 110

Note: Required recharge / load for this offer is 110 rupees.

Data Infinity Offer

It is the same package as the bucket that is given above. Jazz allot only internet to this package hence, for this reason, it is a “Monthly Browser”. Above is a call package and it is an internet MBs package. You just have to follow this code *709# and get 3GB internet. This is a pure monthly 30 days bucket. The price of this package is Rs 217 only.


Offer Name:Data Infinity
Internet MBs:3GB
(3000 MBs)
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 217
Status Code:*709*2#
Info Code:*709*3#

Note: Required recharge / load for this offer is 250 rupees.

Unlimited Incentives

Both of these packages (voice + browser) are unlimited packages but in both bundles, the network has set a FUP (Fair Usage Policy) according to which the MBs & Minutes have been fixed here. Do you want to get info about Jazz Monthly SMS Package in 30 Rupees then click here?

Word Infinity Means

Basically, the word infinity means endless. Hence, browse & voice buckets are infinite. Use MBs and Minutes, but never forget FUP because it will implement and cause incentives expiry.

Terms & Conditions
  • Only prepaid user activate it
  • FUP will apply for (MBs & Minutes)
  • Subscription depends upon the Recharge
  • 1st offer give minutes and others give MBs
  • Use Jazz World App to check & subscribe offer
  • User must have more balance than actual price
  • The additional charges will apply on these both offers

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