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Jazz Multan Social Offer 2023 Subscribe Code

Jazz Multan Offer is providing 4GB for WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO & BiP Monthly for 52 Rupees. Dial *499# and activate the best 4G Social Package for the Multan area.

Do you live in Multan and you are a social media lover? If Yes! Then here we have the best package for all Multani social media lovers. Get 4000 MBs for top social apps at a fixed affordable price.

Multan is a major city in south Punjab and considers the basic land for Saraiki-speaking people. Hence Jazz always takes care of this region and launches new internet and call packages for Multan. This time the Jazz 4G has launched a special 4G internet package that will work on selected apps.

Jazz Multan Offer 2023

You can get this social media monthly 4G internet package by dialing *499# code. Yes! This code automatically adds 4000 MBs to your account that will be valid on 4 social media apps.

On the other hand, you can easily increase the MBs of this package with the “multiple Subscriptions” feature. Hence it is a golden chance for the people of South Punjab to remain connected via low-price Jazz new bucket.

Monthly 4GB in Rs 52

Here we have fully described the Jazz Multan Offer or Jazz Multan Social Offer with its price, code, validity, and other basic details. Hence this article is going to prove very helpful to residents of Multan city.

Offer Name:Jazz Multan Offer
4GB For Apps:BiP
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 52
Check Code:*499*2#

Note: This social bucket only works on 4G SIM cards in the Multan region.

Original Price & Load

Basically, the price of this location-based social package is 41 rupees but the user can’t recharge 41 rupees. Hence you must have to load with 50 rupees to get 52 rupees after taxes deduction. Hence the required load is Rs 60 for Jazz Multan Offer.

Original Price:Rs 52
Required Load:Rs 60

Users always receive fewer amounts after the recharge on Jazz SIM. Because the network deducts the service charges and other taxes (AIT + FED + GST) also apply. Hence load 60 rupees to fulfill the offer’s original price of Rs 52.

Enjoy Social Media on 4G

As you know Jazz has fixed the Multan bucket only for 4G users. Hence the 4G LTE speed will definitely make your day while watching videos on FB, on video calls on IMO, and WhatsApp chat will remain super fast through the 41 rupees monthly bucket.

Increase Multan Offer Data

It is clearly mentioned above that all prepaid users will get 4GB of social media data. This data is enough for normal-level social media users. However, those social media lovers who remain active on these apps for a maximum time will feel the 4000 MBs less for socializing.

See: Jazz Weekly Social Plus

Hence you can double the amount of Multan bucket by using the Multiple Subscriptions feature of this offer. Yes! Simply dial the activation code again or twice and get the double 4GB + 4GB = 8GB data at the deduction of double Rs 52 + Rs 52 = 104 price.

Terms & Conditions
  • All taxes (AIT + FED + GST) apply
  • Users will only receive internet MBs
  • The internet MBs will only work on social apps
  • Access WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO & BiP using MBs
  • It is a monthly bucket that will expire automatically
  • Officials have set the FUP of 3000 MBs on 4G usage For Apps

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