Jazz Super Ghanta Offer Sale Upto 90% Off 2023

Jazz Super Ghanta Offer Sale is now set on sale and it is available for Rs 1 instead of Rs 12. Get 1GB for 1 rupee for 1 hour by activating the Super Ghanta offer from the official “Jazz World App”.

Jazz World App is giving discounts on the subscription prices of different packages in which Jazz Super Ghanta Offer is included. Instead of 12 rupees the user only pays 1 rupee and the Jazz 1 Hour Internet Package will subscribe automatically.

On the page, we have described the method to activate the Jazz Super Ghanta Offer for Rs 1 instead of 12 rupees. Let’s see the full details about this offer from the given article:

Jazz Super Ghanta Offer (Sale)

How To Activate Jazz Super Ghanta Offer 2023 at Sale price: Here is what you have to do, Open your Jazz World App, swipe down toward Packages and Bundles and search for “Super Ghanata Sale Offer” and click on the “Subscribe” button.

You must need to Rs 1 (balance) in your prepaid Jazz account to activate this package. Here by activating this offer you will receive 1024 MBs for Rs 1.00 including tax.

Full Details:

Offer Name:Super Ghanta Sale
Validity:1 Hour
Price:Rs 1 (Sale)
Subscribe:Online From App

Note: If you activate this offer using code it will cost Rs 12 but if you activate it using World App it will cost Rs 1.

Get 1GB For Rs 1

In the history of 3G/4G telecom internet packages, this is the biggest sale ever introduced. Hence avail benefit from this upto 90% sale and enjoy the 12 rupees hourly internet package for Rs 1.

sale details

Jazz 1 Hour Internet Package

It is 100% right to call this package “Jazz 1 Hour Internet Package” because it works for 60 minutes after activation. Hence it is a golden chance to start browsing & socializing for 1 rupee only.

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Terms & Conditions

  • Super Ghanta’s original price is Rs 12
  • But after a 90% discount (Sale) price becomes Rs 1
  • Those users who use the activation code will not get discount
  • Only those users who will activate this offer using the Jazz App will get discount
  • Get 1024 MBs for 1 hour by activating Jazz Super Ghanta Offer using World App (Sale)
  • Check the remaining MBs and the validity of this offer using the Jazz World App
  • The 1GB internet for 1 hour will only work on 3G and 4G prepaid Jazz SIM card
  • More details about this offer are present here on this link from the official Jazz portal

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