Jazz Tube Unsubscribe Code 2024

Now it is possible to deactivate the Jazz service by using “Jazz Tube Unsubscribe Code”. This service is available in three different variants having daily, weekly and monthly validity. We have given here three methods to deactivate this service by using the official code.

Firstly, before going to tell you that how you can deactivate “Jazz Tube” remember one thing. This service provides songs, movies, and other videos. That’s why the network has kept the name of this service on the name of a famous video portal.

Jazz Tube comes in three validities of daily, weekly, and monthly. However, the deactivation/unsubscribe code is one for all of these 3 packages. We have described the unsub method with code and other possible tricks for you. There are three possible methods that can help you to deactivate this service. These methods include SMS trick, helpline method, and App unsub trick. All these possible tricks are described below.

Jazz Tube Unsubscribe Code

To unsubscribe from Jazz Tube you have to send an SMS “UNSUB” to the official code 4372. In addition, you can also type “unsub” and send it to 6611. In few seconds the network will send you a confirmation SMS and your (daily, weekly or monthly) bundle deactivate.

This SMS deactivation method is 100% valid and tried by officials before posting on the blog. However, you can try once this SMS trick to unsub your current Jazz Tube offer forever.

Call Helpline No

You can call on Jazz helpline number and inquire whether you have subscribed to (daily, weekly or monthly) Jazz Tube bundle. On official reply, you can ask the agent to deactivate this service permanently to save your balance for future use.

Unsub Details:

Send UNSUB4372
Send UNSUB6611
Deactivate With Helpline111

Use App Trick

The last working method is to use the “Jazz World App” to unsubscribe from this online videos service. By using the app, you can check the activated packages and get rid of Jazz Tube by clicking on the “deactivation button” present in front of the offer. Get details about the latest “Jazz Instagram” packages from here.

Final Conclusion

Deactivating an auto-subscribing bundle is important because such packages can increase your balance deduction. That’s why we suggest our dear visitors use these 100% authentic methods to unsubscribe such services to save your balance for SMS, Calls, and internet packages. This a valid method which works 100% sure.

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