Robi Call Forwarding Off/Stop Code | How To Off Robi Call Divert

Robi Call Forwarding Off Code is # # 002 # to permanently stop the Robi Call Divert service from your prepaid number. Let’s see more details about this service from here.

Do you know what is Call Forwarding / Divert Service? Basically in this service you become eligible to forward / divert your receiving call to another number which you set.

Hence, this service save your other calls in your voice mail inbox when you are busy on another line/call. However, this service charges fix amount on daily, weekly and monthly basis. That’s why, many users want to deactivate this service. That’s why, here, we have mention the method to unsub / unsubscribe / deactivate or turn off this service in few easy steps.

Robi Call Forwarding Off/Stop Code

There are five sub-services for Call Forwarding / Call Divert. Hence, the cancel code is different for each service according to its purpose. However, the Robi has also launched a universal code to deactivate all Call Forward / Divert services in one click.

We have mention here all (separate) call forwarding services unsubscribe (off) code and also at the end, a universal code for the deactivation of forwarding service is mention below.

Full Details:

Call Forward / Divert Type:Off / Cancel Code:
Busy Divert:# # 67 #
No Reply Divert:# # 61 #
All Calls Divert:# # 21 #
Unreachable Divert:# # 62 #
All Divert Cancel Code:# # 002 #

Dial # # 002 # Code

We know you don’t have information about divert / forward service, and you don’t know which type of divert (forwarding) call service is activate on your number. That’s why, according to my opinion, you should dial # # 002 # code. Because it is the deactivation / Off / Stop Code for all type of divert (forwarding) services in Robi network.

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Why We Need To Off This Service?

Question arises here, why we should deactivate this service from our number? A suitable answer is the deduction of minor balance. It is true that following service don’t deduct huge amount in the name of service charges, but it charges a little amount which is also reasonable for many users.

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You can check Robi balance using its official My Robi App.

Author Conclusion

If you ask me, I will only suggest you to keep this service in case of need. If you don’t need such service, and you can attend all calls on time, than simply deactivate it. It is on the nature (will) of user what he wants while using Robi. However, in case you want to get professional guide then visit Robi official portal having guide about Forward Call system.