Du or Etisalat Telephone Numbers in UAE 2024

Du or Etisalat are two major telecommunications operators working in the UAE. Telephone Numbers List of Du & Etisalat are present here on this page with in-depth details.

See which company number you are using in the UAE. It is possible to know your network name through the first 3 digits of your number. Let’s see the full details from the given list present below.

Du or Etisalat Numbers

In the UAE the responsibilities of SMS, Call and Data (Internet) packages are provided by Du and Etisalat. Both these networks have similar network codes.

Hence, due to similarity of network codes, the UAE residents remain confused whether the number belong to “which network”. We have solved this confusion in this article because the Sim Codes List of all networks of the UAE are mention here separately.

  • 050 is Etisalat
  • 054 is Etisalat
  • 056 is Etisalat
  • 052 is Du
  • 055 is Du
  • 058 is Du

Here, we have describe the number series of Du and Etisalat separately below. Check the details about your SIM number series from here and know which SIM you are using in the UAE.

Etisalat Codes List

Founded in 30 August 1976 the Etisalat is one of the oldest telecom network in world. It works in numerous countries, and it has wide network coverage is UAE. That’s why, residents of the UAE prefer this network. It is working for last 47 years and providing super speedy internet, clear voice and instant SMS offers in the UAE.

List of Etisalat Network Codes:

Official Portal:https://www.etisalat.ae/en/index.html

Du Codes List

Emirate’s Integrated Telecommunications Company P.J.S.C. or also known with its short name Du is a 2nd most used telecom network of the UAE according to subscribers index. It was founded in May 2005 and providing reliable SMS, Call and Data services at affordable rates for last 18 years.

List of Du Network Codes:

Official Portal:https://www.du.ae/

050 Du or Etisalat

The numbers which start from 050 are Etisalat numbers. Only the UAE residents have 050 code SIM of Etisalat network.

052 Du or Etisalat

Basically, the 052 is the serial number of Du. It is totally different from other networks. When you receive a call from a number that starts from 052 then it would be a Du number.

054 Du or Etisalat

Next serial number is 054 that is the starting serial of all Etisalat numbers. It is a source of super speedy internet. If you have this serial in your number beginning, then you are an Etisalat user.

055 Du or Etisalat

Du (Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company P.J.S.C.) has the serial code 055 respectively. Hence, all numbers starting from 055 are Du SIM card numbers.

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056 Du or Etisalat

Etisalat has 056 serial. It is the famous serial code of the UAE and people prefer this serial because of it perfect pattern. Hence, buy a 5G Etisalat SIM of this serial.

058 Du or Etisalat

At the end, the serial code 058 is the 3 digits of all Du SIM cards. It is now clear to all my dear visitors about the serial numbers of the UAE telecom networks.

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We have mention all the serial codes of the UAE SIM Cards that make major confusion among UAE residents. Hence, check which code belong to “which network” by reading this 3 minutes article.

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