Snapchat Packages For Jazz, Zong, Ufone & Telenor

Here we have Snapchat Packages for all telecom networks. Use Snapchat on Jazz, Zong, Ufone, and Telenor on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Yes! Here the details of these packages are preset. We have given below the price, validity, subscribe and unsubscribe code of these Snapchat Internet Packages.

Do you want to activate Snapchat on your prepaid SIM? If yes! Then here we have a few most subscribed internet packages of all telecom networks of Pakistan. These packages are alternatives to Snapchat offers.

Hence, activate any bucket from these offers and use the Snapchat App on your SIM for 1 day, 3-days, 7 days, and 30 days at affordable prices.

Snapchat Packages 2024

Share images and chat (message) with your friends through the latest (American-made) app. This Yellow App is perfect for those who want to keep their chat personal. The usage of this app is increasing in Pakistan these days.

It is the main reason, the different networks (SIM Holders) search the daily, weekly, and monthly packages for this app. That’s why; we have solved your tension and presented all the packages of this app launched by telecom networks on 1 page. Just take a look and enjoy Snapchat in Pakistan with the fastest telecom network speed.

Jazz Snapchat Packages

You can use Snapchat on Jazz by activating its daily, weekly, or monthly package according to the given code. Remember, the network will defiantly charge fix subscription price for each package according to validity.

  • Jazz Daily Snapchat: 1GB for Rs 35 (Dial *117*4# Subscribe Code)
  • Weekly Snapchat: 4GB for Rs 212 (Dial *117*47# Subscribe Code)
  • Jazz Monthly Snapchat: 7GB for Rs 148 (Dial *661# Subscribe Code)

Select 1 package from above and activate Snapchat on Jazz SIM. All the packages are presented above with their price, data, and code.

Zong Snapchat Offers

Now those users who have Zong SIM come here, these are the packages of Snapchat for prepaid Zong users only. Select a bucket from the given list according to your need:

  • Zong Daily Snapchat: 1GB for Rs 49 (Dial *5# Subscribe Code)
  • Weekly Snapchat: 8GB for Rs 290 (Dial *20# Subscribe Code)
  • Zong Monthly Snapchat: 5GB for Rs 299 (Dial *3# Subscribe Code)

We can see that Zong also provides many packages to access Snapchat at affordable prices. Enjoy this social media app on ZONG through these buckets.

Ufone Snapchat Buckets

It’s time for Ufone SIM to activate the latest internet package for Snapchat. Do you know all these buckets are available at affordable prices? Let’s see their info:

  • Ufone Daily Snapchat 12 AM to 12 PM: 2GB for Rs 20 (Dial *550# Code)
  • Weekly Snapchat Ufone: 10GB for Rs 220 (Dial *260# Subscribe Code)
  • Ufone Monthly Snapchat: 18GB for Rs 549 (Dial *290# Subscribe Code)

Telenor Snapchat Bundles

Finally, here we have the most subscribed Snapchat Packages for Telenor users. These buckets are newly launched, hence many users still don’t know about these offers:

  • Zong Daily Snapchat: 1.5GB for Rs 18 (Dial *150# Subscribe Code)
  • Weekly Snapchat: 4GB for Rs 120 (Dial *288# Subscribe Code)
  • Zong Monthly Snapchat: 2GB for Rs 50 (Dial *121# Subscribe Code)
  • Free Monthly Snapchat: 2GB for Rs 0 (Dial *915# Subscribe Code)

How To Check Remaining MBs?

After activating any daily, weekly, or monthly package of Snapchat, you need to check the remaining MBs. Hence, download the official app of your network (Jazz, Zong, Ufone, and Telenor) and check the remaining MBs of your Snapchat package.

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Terms & Conditions
  • All these are Snapchat Packages
  • Separated into Jazz, Zong, Ufone & Telenor
  • All these Snapchat packages work on prepaid SIM
  • All types of (GST, AIT, FED) taxes will apply on offers
  • Get full info about these buckets from official network portals