Telenor Weekly Internet Max Offer 30GB – Late Night Offer

Both Telenor Weekly Internet Max Offer and Telenor 4G Late Night Offer are the same packages, provide 30 GB for 7 days for Rs 55. Dial *19# and activate the late night weekly valid 12 AM to 9 AM 4G internet offer.

It is now possible to get internet MBs for night hours while using Telenor 4G SIM. Basically, people demand maximum internet (data) for late-night usage. That’s why here we have the best late-night weekly 4G offer available for 55 rupees.

Getting internet on Telenor SIM become very easy due to such affordable packages. Yes! You can receive the fastest 4G data of 30GB in just PKR 55 only.

Telenor Weekly Internet Max Offer

Telenor has launched a 4G Weekly Max bundle or also known as Telenor 4G Late Night Offer which is valid for 7 days and enables its subscribers to use the internet from 12 AM to 9 AM for 7 days. Isn’t it the best data bundle for those who want to use data from midnight to early morning?

Here, the complete details of the Telenor Night Internet Package are given below:

Offer Name:Weekly Max
Data:30 GB
Price:PKR 55
Validity:7 Days
Timing:12 AM to 9 AM

Telenor 4G Late Night Offer

This offer is only design for those subscribers who want a cheap midnight data bundle. This data is valid in specific hours only, however its speed and amount are perfect to download movies and games having a large size.

UNSUB 30GB Package

If the user wants to unsubscribe from this bundle, then please call on the helpline number. The official page didn’t mention any official code to unsubscribe from the offer. However, this offer will unsubscribe after 7 days of the time subscription.

Telenor 4G Weekly Max 30GB Data
Socializing & Video Streaming

Enjoy unlimited socializing on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Also remain a part of the online family on video streaming websites such as YouTube. This bundle connects you with the world for 7 days but for a specific time.

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Apna4G Conclusion

In the end, we concluded from the price & data incentives that this bundle is only designed for midnight data users. As people search for late-night data bundles on the internet. Hence, this is a special bundle first time introduce by Telenor for late-night data subscribers.

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