Telenor 7272 Khushaal Zamindar Unsubscribe Code 2024

Telenor 7272 Khushaal Zamindar Service full details including charges subscribe and unsubscribe codes are present here on this page. Hence get full (A to Z) details about Telenor 7272 service by reading this article:

In Pakistan, millions of mobile users have Telenor SIM and they often face a common problem. Basically, the Telenor users activate Telenor Khushaal Zamindar Service mistakenly or this service automatically subscribes to users’ SIM cards.

This service gives news and alerts about agricultural updates through SMS and Calls on Telenor prepaid numbers. Now the question arises, “how do unsubscribe from Telenor 7272 Khushaal Zamindar Service? Here, the code and other deactivation methods are present.

Telenor 7272 Khushaal Zamindar Unsubscribe

Dial 727200 to deactivate (unsubscribe) the Telenor 7272 Khushaal Zamindar Service. Yes! It is the official deactivation code of this service and works 100% on prepaid numbers.

Now it has become an easy and 1 step to method to deactivate those SMS and calls that you receive from the 7272 code. You need to dial 727200 and these promotion SMS and Calls will never come again to your number.

Full Details:

Service Name:Khushaal Zamindar
Subscribe Code:7272
Unsubscribe Code:727200

Note: You can also call on Telenor helpline to deactivate this service.

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Total Deactivation Methods

There are total 3 methods that can deactivate Telenor Khushaal Zamindar Alert Service. These 3 methods can be followed by any Telenor prepaid number:

  • Dial 727200 Unsubscribe Code
  • Call Telenor Helpline 345 Number
  • Chat With Telenor Agent On Official Portal

These are those 3 methods that can fully deactivate Khushaal Zamindar Call and SMS alert service from your number.

Other Khushaal Services By Telenor

Not only Khushaal Zamindar the Telenor network has many other (11) services that come in the section of this prepaid service. The names of other Telenor Khushaal Services are present below in this list:

  1. Khushaal Watan App Service
  2. Khushaal Sehat (727233 Code)
  3. Khushaal Nama (727288 Code)
  4. Khushaal Energy (727236 Code)
  5. Khushaal Aangan (727251 Code)
  6. Khushaal Zindagi (727234 Code)
  7. Khushaal Zamindar (7272 Code)
  8. Khushaal Tahafuz (727238 Code)
  9. Khushaal Mohafiz (727237 Code)
  10. Khushaal Maweshi (727244 Code)
  11. Khushaal Kaashtkaar (727235 Code)

That’s all, the above are those services that are working with the prefix 7272 code on the Telenor network. The best method to deactivate any service from the above-given service, please call the official helpline of the network.