Telenor Quiz Answers Today 12 May 2024

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Telenor Quiz Answers Today 12 May 2024

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Question Number 1: In Pakistan, Mother’s Day is typically celebrated on which day?

a) First Sunday of May

b) Second Sunday of May

c) First Sunday of June

d) Second Sunday of April

Question Number 2: Which woman is often credited with popularizing Mother’s Day celebrations in Pakistan?

a) Fatima Jinnah

b) Benazir Bhutto

c) Bilquis Edhi

d) Malla Yousafzai

Question Number 3: In Pakistan, Mother’s Day is also seen as an opportunity to raise awareness about:

a) Women’s rights

b) Environmental

c) Religious tolerance

d) Cultural heritage

Question Number 4: What flower is traditionally associate with Mother’s Day?

a) Roses

b) Tulips

c) Daisies

d) Carnations

Question Number 5: In which country did the modern celebration of Mother’s Day originate?

a) Pakistan

b) United States

c) Bangladesh

d) Germany

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