Telenor SMS Packages Unsubscribe Code 2024

Here we have complete details of Telenor SMS Packages Unsubscribe Codes and other tricks to unsub common packages in seconds. Yes! Now it has become possible to deactivate any Telenor package before its expiry.

Have you got tired of your SMS, Voice, or Data package? No problem! Because here we have mentioned two tricks to unsubscribe any package on Telenor SIM. If you are a Telenor SIM subscriber, and you want to deactivate your currently active package to save your balance, then you are on the right page.

Simply dial the deactivation code of the bundle if you don’t have any deactivation code, then you can download and install “My Telenor App” and deactivate the currently active package. The second trick is best because through “My Telenor App” subscribers can easily check which packages are currently active on their SIM.

Telenor SMS Packages Unsubscribe

Basically, the incentives of many SMS packages has become changed (less or maximum) that’s why the users try to deactivate the offers before expiry. Hence, all the possible methods are given here on this page.

To deactivate the package from code dialers, please follow this step. We have mentioned SMS packages with the deactivation codes below:

Offer Name:Deactivation Code:
Telenor Daily SMS*2*2*1#
Djuice Daily SMSMy Telenor App
Mini Budget 50My Telenor App
Mini Budget 100*111#
3 Din SahulatMy Telenor App
3 pr 3 OfferMy Telenor App
5 Din Offer*111#
7 Days MiniMy Telenor App
Haftawar Sahulat *111#

Unsub With “MY Telenor App”

The best-ever trick to deactivate Telenor SMS Packages Unsubscribe is to use “My Telenor App”. Or dial *2*2*1# to unsubscribe daily SMS offer. Dial *111# to unsub SMS offers for free. Basically, the Telenor App has been specially design by the professionals of the network to provide the best service. Users can check their current packages active on their number. Then they can check or unsubscribe their package with this app.

MSG PKG Unsubscribe Charges

There are always no charges to deduct from the user’s account when the subscriber deactivates or unsubscribes any SMS, call, or data bundle from his end.

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Apna4G Final Words

It has become very easy to unsubscribe any bundle from your number after the launch of “My Telenor App”. That’s why we have also mentioned a link that will redirect you toward the official page of Telenor.

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