Telenor Social Package Weekly Code 2022 (30GB)

There are 4 buckets that come under Telenor Social Package Weekly 2022. Get 30GB, 4GB, and 9GB for 7-days via these offers at a fixed rate.

Are you searching for cheap weekly data packages, especially for social media apps? If Yes! Then join the Telenor 3G/4G network and activate any bucket from the given “social offers” and enjoy your whole week.

Here the basic details of Telenor Social Package Weekly including codes and price are given in ascending price + social MBs order.

Telenor Social Package Weekly

Before going to take a look at “7-day social buckets” remember that the following 4 buckets can be also used by subscribers to access the internet (browsing + downloading), however, the priority of the following buckets are social media apps.

List of 7-Day Social Offers:

  • 30GB in 50 (Weekly Max)
  • 4GB in Rs 60 (6 to 6 Package)
  • 4000 MBs in 115 (Weekly Super)
  • 9 GB in 185 Rupees (4G Weekly Ultra)

1st Offer (30GB Social)

Dial *19# and subscribe 1st social bucket of Telenor that comes with 30GB data for 7 days. Here the timing of usage is fixed and that is 12 AM to 9 AM. Other details are given below in this table:

Offer Name:Weekly Max
Timing:12 AM to 9 AM
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 50

2nd Offer (4000 MBs)

Dial *71# for a time-bound weekly social bucket at a fixed rate of 60 rupees. Here the 4000 MBs work from 6 AM to 6 PM according to the bucket name.

Offer Name:6 to 6
Data:4000 MBs
Timing:6 AM to 6 PM
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 60
3rd Offer (4GB Social)

4G Weekly Super package comes with 4GB and its price is 115 rupee and it is valid for WhatsApp, FB, and other apps for 7-days.

Offer Name:4G Weekly Super
2000 MBs Timing:1 AM to 11 AM
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 115
4th Offer (Ultra 9GB)

Ultra 9GB bucket is actually the combination of 8GB (internet) + 1GB (SoundCloud & Patari) and it is the last bucket of “Weekly Social Package” that is fully described below:

Offer Name:4G Weekly Ultra
Data Type:3G/4G
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 185
Access All Social Apps

Whether you are a Facebook lover or a WhatsApp user all these 4 buckets are perfect for you. Here the different price of each package is the edge for all users.

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Because many users can afford expensive buckets, as well as many users only, want to subscribe to those packages that come at affordable rates. Hence this article is the combination of all (cheap & expensive) Telenor Weekly Social Packages.

Final Conclusion

You can also search these 4 buckets with their original names (present along with them in the table) and inquire about their incentives and price details from the Telenor 4G. However, we assure you that Apna4G always posts the latest details about weekly (7-days) social buckets.

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