Ufone Monthly Heavy Internet Package 2024

Ufone Monthly Heavy Internet – Dial *310# to get 30GB (includes 15GB from 1am to 9am) in just Rs 850. Enjoy non-stop 3G/4G internet on prepaid Ufone SIM for 30 days.

Do you want to get maximum internet for 30 days while using Ufone prepaid SIM? If Yes! The network recently launches a new “heavy” internet bucket with an 850 rupees load. Hence, get online connectivity at a minor price.

Ufone is the first telecom network that allows its subscribers to get a huge amount of 3G and 4G internet MBs in monthly packages. This 30 days offer is also a great practical example of the Ufone network (low price & massive data) scheme. Moreover, let’s start our discussion about “Ufone Monthly Heavy Offer” including its incentives, code, and subscription procedure.

Ufone Monthly Heavy Internet

Firstly, recharge your Ufone prepaid SIM with 850 rupees load. After successful recharge, please dial *310# and activate Ufone Monthly Heavy Internet Package / Offer. This is a 3G and 4G internet package having internet divided into 2 parts (according to usage) timing.

30GB is the total data that will be added to the user’s SIM on the “30-Days Heavy” subscription.  Among the following data, the 15GB will work every time till the package expire. On the other hand, the remaining 15GB will work from 1 AM to 9 AM (every day) till expiry.

Heavy Offer Details

Here the incentives, price, require load, and codes (subscription and check) codes are given in the box. Hence, take a look at this table so that you can get deep info about the following bucket.


Offer Name:Monthly Heavy
Total Data:30GB
Data (Every time)15GB
Data from
1 AM to 9 AM:
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 850
Check Code:*706#

Note: The user must have Rs 850 balance to activate the offer because taxes (FED, GST & AIT) will apply

30GB Package Timing

The total data (30GB) of this package is divided into 2 parts (15GB + 15GB) in whist both parts have the same data and their usage timing is different. Basically, the user can work with 15GB of data every time for 30 days. Likewise, the remaining data work from 1 AM to 9 AM till this heavy offer expires.

30 days (30GB) offer

SUB & Check Code

These are those two codes that can help you subscribe Ufone Monthly Heavy Internet Package & Check its remaining incentives. You can activate the offer with *310# code and check the remaining data by dialing *706# code:

  • *310# (Activation Code)
  • *706# (Check Remaining MBs)

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How to Unsubscribe Monthly Heavy?

You can also unsubscribe from this bucket by using the official Ufone app. This application contains the verse of all packages. Hence, click on the “Monthly Heavy” bucket and click on the “UNSUB” button to deactivate the “Ufone Monthly Heavy Package” for free.

30GB for 3G & 4G

Do you have a 3G-supported mobile or 4G-supported mobile? If your Ufone SIM is old (3G) or new (4G), all these factors don’t affect this package. Remember that Monthly Heavy Bucket is 3G and 4G supported. Hence, enjoy the fastest internet speed (3G + 4G) via this package.

Terms & Conditions
  • It is a monthly package
  • Total data is 30,720 MBs
  • Multiple subscriptions are possible
  • Ufone charges Rs 2.75 / MB after the expiry
  • Get full details from Ufone 4G official site

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