Ufone Saudi Arabia Packages – Call and Data Roaming

All Ufone Saudi Arabia Call Packages for prepaid users are present here on this page with codes & prices. Hence, take a look at this article to get the latest details about all those Ufone voice offers that are specially designed for Ufone SIM cards.

Calling on a prepaid number to Saudi Arabia is a basic need for all Pakistani people. As you know, Saudi Arabia is a holy country, and it is considered the place of prayer for Muslims.

That’s why thousands of Pakistani people visit Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj and Umrah every year. While they stay in Saudi Arabia, we need the best calling rates to call them on their phone. In Pakistan, Ufone is the only network that provides the best “calling rates” and A1 voice packages for Saudi Arabia.

Ufone Saudi Arabia Call Packages

On this page, you are going to get information about all those voice packages that are launched by Ufone in the category of Ufone Saudi Arabia Call Packages. These packages are available for prepaid users, and you activate them by dialing the subscription codes mentioned with them.

On the other hand, we also want to clarify the fact that all these packages that are mentioned here on this page are “call buckets” for Ufone to Saudi Arabia only. Here is the list of those packages that are present here:

  • IDD Tariff Details
  • Ufone Super Hajj Offer
  • Umrah Super Offer Ufone
  • Ufone Per Second Offer
  • Middle East Saudi Arabia Offer

Let’s start our today article by giving you basic details about the IDD Tariff “rate” details to call on Saudi Arabia from Pakistan by using Ufone prepaid SIM. After that, all the offers & packages of KSA will be described.

IDD Tariff Details

1st of all, remember that Ufone charges Rs 8.99 per minute by calling through a fixed Live Operator. On the other hand, Ufone charges Rs 9.98 per minute on mobile dialing according to IDD Tariff 2023.

Country:Calling Rate:
Saudi Arabia
Rs 8.99
Per Minute
Saudi Arabia
Rs 9.98
Per Minute

Here we have an IDD Discount Offer that provides a fixed calling rate of Rs 2.99+ Tax per 20 Seconds on Landline & Mobile calls. Dial *226# to activate IDD Discount Offer.

Offer Name:IDD Discount
Rate:Rs 2.99
Rs 2.99 Per:20 Seconds
Call On:Landline
Country:Pak to KSA

Note: Call setup charges Rs 0.13+ taxes will be deducted on each call.

Ufone Super Hajj & Umrah Offer

Here we have 2 different offers which 1st is call Ufone Super Hajj Offer and 2nd is call as Ufone Super Umrah Offer 2023. Details are present below after the description of each bucket.

  • 1st Offer is Umrah Bucket
  • 2nd Offer is Hajj Package

1st Offer – Dial *4880# and receive Monthly 30 Minutes (Outgoing & Incoming), 30 Outgoing SMS, and 300 MBs of the Internet for Rs 630 only.

Offer Name:Umrah Offer
Out & Income
Outgoing SMS:30
Internet MBs:300
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 630

Note: Dial *706# to check the status of this offer.

2nd Offer – Dial *4881# and get Monthly 120 Minutes (Outgoing & Incoming), 120 Outgoing SMS, and 1500 MBs of the Internet for Rs 2100 only.

Offer Name:Hajj Offer
Out & Income
Outgoing SMS:120
Internet MBs:1500
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 2100

Note: Only prepaid Ufone customers can activate this offer.

Ufone Per Second Offer

Get fix Tariff rate on Outgoing Calls + Incoming Calls for Mobily, Zain & STC networks by Ufone Per Second Offer. No subscription is require just start a conservation (voice) call.

Offer Name:Per Second
For Country:Saudi Arabia
KSA Networks:Mobily
Outgoing Call Rate
Per Second:
Rs 0.36
Incoming Call Rate
Per Second:
Rs 0.57

Note: No subscription is requiring, just start calling KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).

Middle East Saudi Arabia Offer

These days, Ufone Middle East Saudi Arabia Offer is trending among all Pakistani people. The reason behind this fact is low calling rate applies per 20 seconds in Middle East Offer. Yes! Ufone is providing Rs 2.99 + tax for 20 seconds via this bucket. Subscription of Middle East Saudi Arabia Offer is *226# code.

Offer Name:Middle East
Rate Per 20 Sec:Rs 2.99
Country Valid:Saudi Arabia

Note: Call on prepaid numbers, but Special and VAS numbers are not applicable for calls using this offer.

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Apna4G Conclusion

Now it has become possible to call on the prepaid numbers of KSA by using the Ufone international voice packages. On the other hand, the Ufone International Call Packages for Arab Countries are widely famous in public due to the low calling rate of these voice offers.