Ufone Super Internet Plus Offer 2024 – Monthly Internet Package

Ufone Super Internet Plus Offer is a monthly internet package that comes with 18GB including 9GB from 1am to 9am in Rs 599. Complete info about this package is present below.

You can enjoy 18GB of internet for a whole month for 599 rupees and this package is valid for 3G & 4G SIM users. Hence, all prepaid subscribers get ready to access plenty of MBs at an affordable price for 30 days.

This package includes some special twists for all subscribers. Furthermore, the total 18 GB of data is divided into two parts in which users will be able to use the internet with 9GB of data 24 hours daily for the whole month and the remaining 9 GB will be able to use from 1 AM to 9 AM monthly.

Ufone Super Internet Plus Offer

Actually, Ufone Super Internet Plus comes with 18 GB of internet for 30 days. But here we have a twist in the form of MBs division. Yes! The 9 GB of data is for 24 hours use and on the other side, the remaining 9 GB will work on plain internet also, but its timing will be 1 AM to 9 AM daily.

We can say that division of 18,000 MBs is done according to maximum usage & minimum usage pattern. We use the internet more than social media that’s why the internet has got 18,000 MBs, and some MBs have got special night timing respectively. Use both internet & social media apps with one monthly bucket.

18 GB Package Details

Here, complete details of the Ufone 18GB monthly internet package have been mentioned. Look at the package validity, codes, and price details in this table:

Offer Name:Ufone Super
Internet Plus
Data:18 GB
24 Hours
9 GB
1 AM to 9 AM
9 GB
Validity:30 Days
Price:PKR 599
Check Code:*706#

Check Remaining MBs

To check the remaining MBs of this package, you can dial *706# for free. In addition, for complete info, download and install “My Ufone App”. Moreover, this application is available for free, and it allows the users to check the remaining balance, minutes, SMS, and MBs for free on its front page.

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Terms & Conditions
  • The package gives 18 GB (9 GB 24 hours + 9 GB 1AM to 9AM).
  • The 18 GB monthly internet bundle is a non-recursive offer.
  • You can subscribe to this package many times if you want.
  • There are no additional taxes and charges applied to this offer for 2024.
  • Only prepaid subscribers of Ufone 4G will be able to subscribe to this bundle.
  • There is no special timing set to use allotted MBs, you can use MBs 24/7 non-stop.
  • The remaining MBs will expire after 30 days and will not add to the next subscription.
  • Please visit the official website of Ufone and take a look at package details with INFO & FAQs.

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