Ufone TikTok Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2024

Here we have updated Ufone TikTok Packages 2024 to use unlimited TikTok App. Yes! All hourly, daily, weekly and monthly TikTok Social Packages are present on this page.

If you are an Ufone SIM user, and you want to use TikTok video-making application, then this post is for you. We have mentioned different validity TikTok bundles, especially those launched by Ufone for the young generation. Now become a part of online videos and show your talent worldwide with TikTok on activating Ufone SIM TikTok offers.

The Latest launched social media TikTok App Ufone bundles have been divided into different categories. Bundles are available in all three formats (daily, weekly or monthly). The price of each offer is set according to MBs, Validity, and usage permission (social applications) such as FB, YouTube & TikTok.

Ufone TikTok Packages

Below we have mentioned three different bundles of TikTok. These bundles are valid for various days. Complete details of each bundle are mentioned below their name in the description box & also the short details are present in the table present below each bundle to understand the bundle price, validity & incentives details.

Hence, enjoy the fun of TikTok at a reasonable price by activating latest 3G and 4G internet (social) packages of Ufone. That’s why, we often say, “it’s always about you.”

Daily TikTok Offer

Ufone TikTok Packages recently launched this 1 day offer with the increase of social app users. Receive 2 GB for TikTok for 1 day for just PKR 20 including tax. Please dial *550# and subscribe to Ufone Daily TikTok Offer.

Complete details are given below:

Offer Name:TikTok Daily
Data:2 GB
Data For:TikTok
Validity:1 Day
Price:PKR 20

Note: The 2000 MBs will work from 12 AM to 12 PM on Ufone prepaid SIM.

TikTok Daily (Combo)

This offer is a combination of both plain internet MBs + TikTok MBs. Get 75 MBs for TikTok and 500 MBs to use as plain data (all websites). Offer with price & incentive detail is given below:

Offer Name:TikTok Combo
Data (TikTok):75 MBs
Data (Plain):500 MBs
Validity:1 Day
Price:PKR 20

3-Day TikTok

Now use TikTok on Ufone for 3 days with the latest 3-day bundle. Dial *3350# and receive 100 MBs for TikTok with 500 MBs for plain internet. The bundle is specially designed to use for both to use the internet & to make social videos at the low price of PKR 35.

Offer Name:TikTok 3-Day
Data (TikTok):100 MBs
Data (Plain):500 MBs
Validity:3 Day
Price:PKR 35

Weekly TikTok

For 7 days (one week) avail of 4 GB of data for the official application TikTok on Ufone with the weekly bundle. Dial *2345# and receive 4GB in PKR 70 including taxes.

Offer Name:TikTok Weekly
Data:4 GB
Data For:TikTok
Validity:7 Days
Price:PKR 70

Monthly TikTok

The last bundle is valid for 30 days (1 month). Official TikTok monthly bundle charges PKR 549 including tax. The total allotted data of the bundle is 18 GB of which 9 GB works from 1 am to 9 am till validity.

Details are present here:

Offer Name:TikTok Monthly
Data:18 GB
(9GB from
1am to 9am)
Data Type:3G/4G
Validity:30 Days
Price:PKR 549
Check Code:*706#

More TikTok Packages

We inform our dear customers that you can also subscribe to any plain data internet bundle on a daily, weekly or monthly type. Hence, those plain data bundles will also help you to use TikTok app.

How To Subscribe Online?

Now subscribe to any package online on the official website of Ufone.  Follow these instructions and subscribe to the bundle online without dialing any subscription code.

  • The open package is on the official Ufone Website.
  • Now type SIM number in “type mobile number”.
  • Click on the button “subscribe”.
  • Hence, activate any bundle online on the official website.

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How To Check Package Status?

To check the status of the remaining package, please follow these instructions:

  • Please dial *260# from your SIM.
  • You can also check the status on the “Ufone App”.

For More details, please click on the official website INFO & FAQs.

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