Zong Apna Shehr Hafizabad Offer 2024 – 5GB in 150 Rupees

Zong Apna Shehr Hafizabad Offer – Dial *4466# and get weekly 5GB, 300 SMS, 300 Zong Minutes, and 40 Other Net Minutes for Rs 150. Here *4466# is the subscription code of Zong Hafizabad Offer. Get ready to get full details of this bucket because apna4g has described subscribe & unsubscribe details of the Zong Hafizabad Offer.

Hafizabad is considered a major city in Pakistan. Due to its huge population, each network in Pakistan has tried its best to give offers and packages for this special city to get maximum subscribers from this city.

Due to its large contribution to Pakistan’s economy, Hafizabad has an important status in Pakistan. That’s why Zong has included this city in its latest location-based packages and launched a special package just for this city (Tehsil).

Zong Apna Shehr Hafizabad Offer

Dial *4466# and subscribe to Zong Hafizabad Offer which provides 5 GB, 300 SMS, 300 Zong minutes, and 40 other network minutes in just 150 rupees for a whole week. Yes! In Hafizabad, the weekly Zong networking has become very easy due to these large incentives at the lowest rates ever introduced in history.

Bundle Description

According to its valid details, this weekly bundle requires PKR 170 to activate on the user account. However, after its subscription, you will receive all types of incentives that are usable on a SIM. Let’s take a look at bundle details:

Offer Name:Zong Hafizabad
Data:5 GB
On-Net Minutes:300
Off-Net Minutes:40
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 150

Note: This is a Zong prepaid weekly bundle.

Activate Offer

There are three basic methods to activate Zong Hafizabad Offer (Zong Apna Shehr Hafizabad Offer) on your Zong prepaid number at an affordable price:

  • Through Code *4466#
  • Subscribe through the official website
  • Use “My Zong App” to activate the offer

Check Incentives

No official check code is introduce on the website of the network. However, there is a 100% valid trick. Which has been specially launched by Zong to check the remaining (Minutes, MBs, SMS) details of all activated bundles for free. Just use “My Zong App” and get a complete bundle of remaining info on the front page.

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HafizAbad Only

The last and most important term which is very essential to remember is its location-based area coverage. Yes! This bundle works in the boundary of Hafizabad only. If you are living in this city. Then you can activate it. If you are a resident of some other city, then this offer is not for you. Click here for official website terms & conditions.

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