Zong Hajj Package Code and Saudi Arabia Offer Details

Zong Hajj Package – Stay in Saudi Arabia and remain connected with your family through calling minutes for Pakistan along with internet for 15 Days, 30 Days and 45 Days. Full details about this package is present here on this page.

In the month of Dhul Hijjah, all Muslims perform Hajj. This is a holy event when Muslims around the world gather in Mecca in front of Allah Almighty House “Kaaba” and pray.

As you know, Pakistan is also a Muslim country and here is the majority of public belong to Muslim religion. This is the main reason, every year thousands of Pakistani also visit KSA to perform Hajj. Keeping in mind the importance of this event, Zong has introduce a special Hajj Offer. Let’s see what we have got here in this package.

Zong Hajj Package

Zong provides the best international roaming (call & internet) bundles. Best example of such bundle is Zong Hajj Package that is also one of those International KSA IR Bundle. Here you got 3 different packages that provide both Internet MBs and Calling Minutes.

Hence, you don’t need to worry in Saudi Arabia because your connection with your family members and friends will never break even outside the country. Hence, activate one package from the given list and enjoy Internet and International Calling Minutes even in KSA.

  • 30 Min, 30 SMS, 1GB For 15 Days in Rs 1,700
  • 60 Min, 60 SMS, 3GB For 30 Days in Rs 4,200
  • 90 Min, 90 SMS, 5GB For 45 Days in Rs 6,600

All these are Zong Hajj Packages, let’s take a look at each offer one by one and see what we have got here and how to activate different validity international roaming offer while staying outside the Pakistan in Saudi Arabia.

15 Days Offer

Activate online by entering your number on Zong Portal in front of package incentives and click on subscribe button. By activating this Zong Hajj Package you will receive 30 Minutes for Pakistan, 30 SMS and 1GB internet for 15 days. Price of this package is Rs 1,700 +tax.

  • 30 Minutes
  • 30 SMS
  • 1GB internet
  • 15 Days Validity
  • Price Rs 1,700 +Tax
  • Activation Online

30 Days Offer

Next package is a 30 days valid monthly Zong Hajj Package. Get 60 Minutes, 60 SMS and 3GB for 30 days non-stop during Hajj month. Subscribe to this monthly Hajj Offer online.

  • 60 Minutes
  • 60 SMS
  • 3GB internet
  • 30 Days Validity
  • Price Rs 4,200 +Tax
  • Activation Online

45 Days Offer

Finally, if you are planning to live few extra days in KSA, then activate 45 days Zong Hajj Package. This offer is available for Rs 6,600 +Tax and provides 90 Minutes, 90 SMS and 5GB data. Activate it online today through given link present below.

  • 90 Minutes
  • 90 SMS
  • 5GB internet
  • 45 Days Validity
  • Price Rs 6,600 +Tax
  • Activation Online

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Zong Hajj Package Online Activation

Visit the portal of Zong online from the link present below. Type your phone number in front of SAUDI ARABIA package and activate it online without dialing any special string. Click on the button present below and subscribe online.

Terms & Conditions
  • 15% AIT, 19.5% FED and 19.5% GST (taxes) apply
  • Those users who are in Saudi Arabia can activate
  • No add-on is possible here in these Hajj packages
  • Call back to your country (Pakistani) numbers networks
  • Only Zong prepaid users can activate this Hajj packages
  • Get additional details about Hajj bundles from official portal