Zong MBB Reactivation Offer 2024 | Enjoy 105GB For 3 Months

With Zong MBB Reactivation Offer get 105GB for 3 months in recharge of PKR 2,100. Reactivate your 60 days off device & enjoy 35GB monthly.

Have you got a Zong device which is not being used by you for the last 2 months? It’s time to reactivate your old Zong 4G devices because the network is giving away free 35GB per month & a total of 105GB for 3 months.

Just reactivate your 60 days (2 months) turned-off device and recharge PKR 2,100 on your device. When you will recharge your device the first time after reactivation you will get gift MBs of 35GB each month for continuous 3 months. Hence, you will get a total of 105GB for 3 months in PKR 2,100 recharge.

Zong MBB Reactivation Offer

This offer works as “SIM Lagao Offer” works. Because here you have to activate your off Zong 4G device and recharge it with 2,100 rupees, hence you will receive free 105GB for 3 months.

Here the full details including monthly data (combine 3 months of total data) price and recharge required at the time of subscription are given below. Hence, read this full article for full details.

MBB Reactivation Offer Details

Reactivate your 60 days off Zong device and recharge PKR 2,100 on it. You will get free 105GB for 3 months. Here are the complete details:

Offer Name:Zong MBB
Reactivation Offer
Each Month:35GB
Total Data:105GB
Validity:3 Months
Recharge:PKR 2,100

MBB Reactivation Offer (Activate)

Activate the 105GB for 90 days on your specific device please dial *6767# from 4G SIM. There are other tricks present below:

Subscription Code*6767#
Offer SubscriptionZong App

Offer Eligible Criteria

The criteria for all subscribers are that “you must have a Zong 4G device being not used for the last 2 months”. If you have such a device then you are eligible for this free 3-month 105GB data offer for rupees 2100 only.

Eligible Criteria60 Days Off Device

Eligibility Check Code

Do you forget when you turn off your device? If you are confused about whether the inactive device has 60 days complete or not then you can also check it. Simply dial *6767# from any Zong 4G SIM. You can also check your device-free internet eligibility by sending a message to check <MBB Number> to 6234.

Eligibility Check Code*6767#
Eligibility Check SMScheck <MBB Number>
to 6234

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Apna4G Conclusion

We have to say that Zong has always proved that it is a network of the Pakistani public. Just because of its fear policies and better offers, it has become the leading internet provider in Pakistan. In addition, for more details, please click on INFO & FAQs.

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