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Zong Monthly YouTube Package 2023 | Code & Price

Zong Monthly YouTube Package comes in two formats (5GB & 20GB) in Rs 290 and 550 rupees having monthly validity. Both bundles are prepaid and work on 3G and 4G mobiles.

With the launch of these two internet packages, YouTube has become easy to access from Zong 4G. Meanwhile, people even don’t know about the subscription code and price of these two bundles. We have described both packages here with complete details.

YouTube packages of Zong, Ufone, Jazz, and Telenor are very expensive. However this time we have tried our best to explain those packages that provide basic data for maximum validity (30 days) at affordable rates. Hence with the grace of God, we have got success finding these best YouTube 30-day bundles.

Zong Monthly YouTube Package

There are two packages in which the first bundle is Super Monthly Offer which gives 5GB. On the other hand, the second bucket is Super Monthly Plus having 20GB of data.

Both of these packages are eligible to access YouTube for 30 days. A description of 5GB & 20GB YouTube buckets with their price and code is given below.

5GB YouTube Rs 290

Dial *6464# and select “Super Monthly Offer” to activate the first Monthly YouTube bundle of the day. This bundle actually holds 5GB (5000 MBs) for just 290 rupees. You can check remain data of this package through the *102# code.


Bucket Name:Super Monthly
Price:Rs 290
Validity:30 Days
Eligibility:Net + YouTube
Inquiry MBs:*102#

20GB YouTube Rs 550

The second and last Monthly YouTube Offer of the day is “Super Monthly Plus” 3G/4G. Dial *3# for a subscription or you can visit the official page to activate this bucket. 20GB data is valid for YouTube and the internet in which special timing has been set by the network for 10GB from 1 AM to 9 AM monthly. The price of this package is 550 rupees.


Bucket Name:Monthly Plus
10GB Timing:1 AM – 9 AM
Price:Rs 550
Validity:30 Days
Eligibility:Net + YouTube
Inquiry MBs:*102#

Unlimited HD Videos

All of us know that YouTube is the only video site that provides fun, drama, funny, and movies. Hence people visit this site whenever they need to watch a video. Zong cares about its users and the network has launched these two packages that are the best options to use YouTube for 30 days. Here we have the new Zong 3 Day Call & Net bundle details.

Plain Internet 3G/4G

Not only YouTube but you can also use other websites and access plain internet by subscribing to any 30-day package from these two that are present above. Hence you can get two-in-one fun from the Super & Plus packages.

Terms & Conditions
  • You can include an add-on
  • Plus & Super packages are 3G/4G
  • No additional MBs will add without an add-on
  • Expire MBs will waste and not be added on the next activation

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