Zong Promo Codes => Get 50% Discount On Zong Packages

Activate Zong internet, SMS, and Call Packages at a 50% discount price/rate using Zong Promo Codes. Full details about the latest 2024 promo codes are present here on this page.

Zong Promo Codes 2024

Now get a huge discount of up to 50% Off on the internet, Facebook, WhatsApp, and on other packages using these promo codes. These codes (packages) are trending these days and Apna4G has described here a few codes with their resources respectively.

Types of Zong Promo Codes

Zong Promo Codes are divided into 4 different types according to incentives distribution. Just select the code according to your need and get the incentives (MBs, Messages, or Minutes) with a 50% discount according to your need.

  • Zong Promo Codes For Internet
  • Zong Promo Codes For Social Media
  • Promo Codes For SMS Packages
  • Promo Codes For On & Off-Net Minutes

Let’s take a look at each type of category to describe below its specific promo (discount) codes. Remember, these codes are only for Zong prepaid users.

Zong Internet Promo Codes

Dial any code from the given list and get internet on Zong SIM at an affordable (discount) price. Note, these codes work according to SIM 3G/4G type, location, user’s previous recharge/load history, and other related facts. That’s why it works on selected prepaid numbers (if a discount is not given on your number then you are not eligible for these discount offers) respectively.

  • Daily Internet Offer: Dial *47# for 1.5GB Data for Rs 23 (4 AM- 7 PM)
  • Weekly Internet Offer: Dial *220# for 25GB Data for Rs 365 (load)
  • Monthly Internet Offer: Dial *6# for 40GB Data for Rs 899 (incl. 20GB from 1 AM to 9 AM)

Social Media Promo Codes

Social Media (WhatsApp, Facebook, Snack Video, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, and many other apps) are considered an important part of our internet usage. That’s why; here we have a few promo codes for discount Social Media packages on Zong:

  • Daily Social Offer: Dial *386# for 1.5GB (YouTube, FB, IMO, WhatsApp) for Rs 23
  • Weekly Social Offer: Dial *570# for 8GB (YouTube & TikTok) for Rs 150 (load)
  • Monthly Social Offer: Dial *250# for 6GB (Facebook & WhatsApp) for Rs 130 (load)

Promo Codes For SMS Packages

Do you want to activate the SMS (message) Package on Zong prepaid SIM at a discount price? If yes! Then here we have 3 packages with a discount price for you, take a look:

  • Daily SMS Offer: Activate Online and get 500 SMS + 30MB WhatsApp for Rs 7
  • Weekly SMS Offer: Dial *702# and get 1300 SMS + 200MB WhatsApp for Rs 32
  • Monthly SMS Offer: Dial *705# and get 500 SMS (daily) + 30MB WhatsApp (Daily) for Rs 75

Promo Codes For All Net Minutes

Finally, here we have Zong On Network and Off-Network Calling Minutes Buckets with discount prices. Here, the details of these packages are presented below:

  • Daily Call Package: Dial *45# for 20 On-Network Minutes for Rs 5
  • Weekly Call Package: Dial *7# for 500 On Net & 40 Off-Net Minutes for Rs 120
  • Monthly Call Package: Dial *1000# for 1000 On Net & 100 Off-Net Minutes + 1GB for Rs 305

Latest 2024 Zong 4G Packages

These are the latest Zong packages that are describe above (here on this page). Codes, incentives, and other basic details of these packages are 100% accurate and you will be able to activate Social, SMS, Call, or Internet Package on Zong by subscribing to any bucket from the given list.

See: Zong Monthly Social Mini Package

Terms & Conditions
  • These are prepaid-type buckets
  • You can subscribe multiple times
  • Official prices are present with offers
  • GST, AIT and Federal taxes apply to user
  • These packages are for all Pakistani users
  • Use My Zong App to Check SMS, Data, and Min
  • Get full info about prepaid buckets from here

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