Zong Punjab Offer Monthly 70 Rupees Code 2024

Get full details about Zong Punjab Offer Monthly 70 Rupees including subscribe, unsubscribe & check code on this page. Punjab province will enjoy numerous incentives via 30 days Punjab offer at an affordable price of 70 rupees.

In Pakistan, the Zong 4G is the major telecom network. Hence, the Punjab province residents always choose Zong 4G for cheap calls, affordable MBs (3G/4G), and all network SMS bundles.

All SIM users want different incentives according to their needs. Some Punjab residents of Zong 4G users desire internet MBs, on the other hand remaining users, want SMS or calling minutes. Hence, the network has solved this problem (need of users) in the 70 rupees bucket.

Zong Punjab Offer Monthly 70 Rupees

Keeping in view the need & desires of 3G/4G users, Zong has launched 4 different packages having MBs, SMS, Minutes, and Social Media access at the fixed price of 70 rupees.

This is the list of those 4 packages that come in the list of Zong Punjab Offer Monthly 70 Rupees:

  • Zong Monthly IMO (Rs 70)
  • Zong Monthly WhatsApp (Rs 70)
  • Monthly Zong SMS + MBs (Rs 70)
  • Monthly Unlimited Zong Calls (Rs 70)

Hence, let’s start our article and take a look at each variant of Zong Punjab Offer Monthly that only charges 70 Rupees + tax and gives different incentives (SMS, Minutes & MBs) on prepaid SIM.

4 Types of Zong Punjab Offers

We mentioned above that the Zong Punjab Offer comes in 4 types (four different packages) including Data, SMS, and Call package. Hence, chose one package according to your incentive need and enjoy your 30 days with Zong Punjab Offer Monthly for 70 Rupees.

1st Package (2.5GB IMO)

Dial *466# and get 2.5GB (2500 MBs) internet MBs to use IMO (video & audio) call app. Hence, it is a monthly social media bucket that comes under the “Zong Punjab Offer Monthly” list.

Offer Name:IMO Monthly
Data:2500 MBs
Access:IMO App
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 70
Recharge Required:Rs 100
Check Code:*102#

2nd Package (5GB WhatsApp)

This is the second bucket of Zong Monthly Punjab Offer 70 rupees. Here, the user will receive 5GB WhatsApp MBs via *247# code. Now call on national and international numbers without any stop for 30 days via this Punjab WhatsApp offer that is launched under the platform of Zong Monthly Punjab offer.

Offer Name:Monthly WhatsApp
Data:5000 MBs
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 70
Recharge Required:Rs 140
Check Code:*102#

3rd Package (SMS + MBs)

The third package provides 500 SMS + 30 MBs WhatsApp (Daily) continues for 30 days. Here the offer price is Rs 69, but the required balance for a subscription is Rs 70. Hence dial *102# and subscribe to the monthly SMS + MBs bucket via Zong Punjab Offer.

Offer Name:WhatsApp Monthly
SMS (Daily)500
MBs (Daily)30
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 70
Recharge Required:Rs 90
UN-SUB Code:Send ‘unsub’ to 700

Note: You can also send SMS < sub> to 700 and reply with 4 to activate this bucket.

4th Package (Monthly Calls)

The last package that comes in the 4 buckets list of Zong Punjab Monthly Offer at 70 Rupees is a call bucket. Dial *36# and get 100 minutes (every day) without any call setup charges for (Zong to Zong) on-network calls. The price of this offer is 70 rupees. But the network charges (FED, AIT, and GST) become Rs 200 to subscribe to this offer.

Offer Name:Call Monthly
Minutes (Daily)100
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 70
Recharge Required:Rs 200

30 Days Fun in Rs 70

We can say that Zong provides 4 different ways to enjoy the 4G services in a 70 rupees load. Now it’s on you whether you need a social package, call package, or monthly SMS package. All these buckets come with different incentives, but the price is the same for each.

Offers Availability

As it is mentioned above, all prepaid users of Zong 4G can activate any bucket present in Zong Monthly Punjab Offer. Hence, fasten your seat belt to start the affordable calls. Furthermore, explore social media and download the internet items via 70 rupees monthly offers.

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Terms & Conditions
  • Sales tax 19.5% GST Apply
  • Federal Excise Duty 16% FED Apply
  • Advance income tax 15% AIT apply
  • All these offers are for prepaid SIM
  • Offer remains valid till 12 AM (after 30 days)
  • Over usage will start charging Rs 1+tax per MB

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