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Zong Weekly Internet Package in 100 Rupees | Weekly Bachat Offer

Zong Weekly Internet Package in 100 Rupees provides 100GB for 7 days via *808# code on 3G/4G prepaid SIM cards. Additionally, here we’ve another package that also activates in mere PKR 100+tax but it comes with internet + SMS + Minutes for off & on networks.

Due to Zong subscribers’ requests, the telecom network has launched 2 packages that come in mere 100 rupees but their incentives are enough for 7 days (a whole week). Yes! We are talking about “Zong Weekly Mega Data” & “Zong Weekly Bachat Offer” here.

Those users who want an all-in-one (Data + SMS + Call) package for 100 rupees can subscribe Zong Weekly Bachat Offer. On the opposite hand, the second bucket is merely a web package that comes with 100GB for 7 days. Let’s take a glance at the packages:

Zong 100 Rupees Weekly Internet

As it is mentioned above that Rs 100 internet packages are available in Zong but there are only 2 such packages.

These 2 packages include:

  • Weekly Mega Data Offer
  • Weekly Bachat Offer

Both these packages are given below and their official Rs 100 rupees price + their original price at the time of load (recharge required) is additionally present with them in the description tables.

Weekly Mega Data (Rs 100)

1st Zong 100 Rupees Weekly Internet Package (Weekly Mega Data Offer) – Dial *808# and get 100 GB (1 AM to 9 AM) of (3G/4G) data for 7 days for social media, YouTube, and plain internet at a fixed hundred rupees rate.

Offer Name:Mega Data
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 100
Recharge Req:Rs 110

Info in the image:

Zong Weekly Internet 100 info

Note: 100GB will work daily from 1 AM to 9 AM for 7 days.

Weekly Bachat Offer (Rs 100)

2nd Offer (Weekly Bachat Offer) in Rs 100 – Dial *4444# code and acquire 2GB internet, 500 Zong Minutes, and 30 other network minutes. All these incentives are valid for 7 days and will be added to the user account after Rs 100 deduction.

Offer Name:Bachat Offer
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 100
Recharge Req:Rs 130

Info in the image:

Rs 100 Offer

Note: This offer (Bachat package) is on market for Punjab subscribers (Punjab Zong SIM users) only.

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How To Check Remaining MBs?

You can check the remaining MBs of Zong 100 rupees Data Offer by dialing *102# code. Each inquiry will deduct Rs 10 paisa and inform you about the remaining data of the weekly 100 rupees offer.

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