0345 Which Network Code in Pakistan (Full Details)

It is a common asked question 0345 Which Network Code in Pakistan. Telenor Number Code Series contains 0345 code. Hence, 0345 belongs to Telenor Telecommunications company. This is a famous serial code of Telenor that is very old.

Due to numerious number series the Pakistani public become confuse. That’s why, we have start new articles in which we will tell about each network serial code. Many prepaid users have Telenor Sim cards that start with 0345 code. Those users who receive a call from 0345 automatically understand that a Telenor user is calling them from prepaid SIM.

In March 2005 the Telenor network started its operation on prepaid and postpaid level in level. Hence, from that time people tend to like this network a lot. That’s why, now, this network has a big number of fan following.

0345 Which Network Code

People often don’t know about 0345 serial code. That’s why, Today Apna4G has mention inch by inch details about this serial code, its price, its availability and how you can check whether the SIM belong to Telenor network or with any other network.

Basically, the Telenor network comes with those numbers whose first 3 digits start with 034x respectively. Hence, this list contains the following serial numbers:

  • 0340
  • 0341
  • 0342
  • 0343
  • 0344
  • 0345
  • 0346
  • 0347
  • 0348
  • 0349

Getting a new Telenor Sim is very easy. You can visit the nearest Telenor retailer shop or franchise and ask the agent to give you a 0345 serial code SIM card. Hence, you are also eligible to get a 0345 Telenor SIM and register it on your name if you have CNIC card.

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