Zong New Code 0370 Online Booking – 0370 Which Network Code

Recently, telecom officials have launch Zong New Code 0370 for prepaid & postpaid users. You can convert your current number into 0370 serial.

All of us know that Zong SIM serial number start with 031X code. This serial comes with 0310, 0311, 0312, 0313, 0314, 0315 and 0316 only. However, the Zong officials have introduced a new serial number in its series.

This serial number is 0370 which is absolutely new for Pakistani people. People who receive call from a number that start with serial number 0370 get shock. As it is a new serial and no one know about it. That’s why, we are going to explain every fact about this serial code here in this article.

Zong New Code 0370

Do you want a Zong SIM? If yes! Then visit nearest Zong franchise or Book Online and get your favorite Zong number in new serial number 0370. Everyone will get shock and ask you about this number because it is a new launch and no one know which company serial it is.

You can also book new 0370 number having same suffix of your Zong Number that you already have. Hence, enjoy the Zong new number with a new serial and get highlight among people when you call or SMS someone.

0370 Number Price

Price of Zong SIM Number having 0370 serial number is same as an ordinary Zong SIM has. But here the main point of excitement is this, that you don’t need to pay SIM payment because New Zong Sim is free. However, the franchise officials charge money to transfer the existing number.

New Exciting Code

All of us want excitement in life. This excitement comes when we get new features in our mobile. Hence, Zong is providing new packages, new offers and now this time a new serial code 0370 that is a source of excitement. Enjoy non-stop fun with 0370 Zong Code or Zong New Code 0370 respectively.

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Moreover, if you want to get the matching golden number with your car, bike, house number or lucky number in Zong 0370 serial then you can visit Zong official website and book your favorite number as fast as possible.

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