3392 Ufone Weather Walay Subscribe and Unsubscribe Code

Here we have subscribe and unsubscribe code of 3392 Ufone Weather Walay Service. Ufone prepaid users often want to know about this service. That’s why, we have written this article to guide our dear visitors.

Pakistan is a big country and most population of our country belong to rural areas. Those people who live in rural areas need to remain update about weather because they have to take care of their crops.

On the other hand, people who live in cities also want to remain update about weather. Hence, they can schedule their important works according to coming weather. Keeping in view the importance of weather for urban and rural areas people. The Ufone officials have introduced this service. Let’s see the details of this service.

3392 Ufone Weather Walay Service

Call on 3392 code to subscribe 3392 Ufone Weather Walay Service. After subscription, you can inquire about current and future weather by dialing official 3392 code of this service. This service is available for prepaid Ufone users and will charge Rs 10/- per month.

Now the question arises, how to unsubscribe to this service? You can simply type unsub and send it to 3392 code. Hence, by sending deactivation command to specific code will unsubscribe this weather update service from your number.

Basically the WeatherWalay Service is for all those users who want to stay update about current weather, temperature, rain forecast and wind pressure. Moreover, the Ufone 3392 Service also stays you alert in case of monsoon season and extensive flooding. In few rupees, you can save your crops and other basic products from rain by staying aware.

Full Details:

Service Name:Ufone Weather Walay
Subscribe Code:Dial 3392 Code
Subscribe via SMS:Send SUB to 3392
Unsubscribe Code:Dial 3392 Code
Unsubscribe via SMS:Send UNSUB to 3392
Charges:Rs 10 Per Month

How To Subscribe Weather Walay Service?

Dial 3392 Code or type SUB and send it to 3392 to subscribe Ufone Weather Walay Service. You can also visit the official Weather Walay website to activate this service on your phone number.

How To Unsubscribe Weather Walay Service?

It is very important to know the deactivation of any service that is already activated on your number. Dial 3392 Code or Type UNSUB and send it to 3392 code to Unsubscribe Ufone Weather Walay Service.

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Apna4G Conclusion

Finally, in my views, this is the best service the Ufone network has ever introduce. Hence, whether you live in a city or in a village, this service will prove very helpful to you. You can stay updated about current and coming weather of your area, city and country.

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