Jazz Balance Save Code – How To Save Jazz Balance?

Jazz Balance Save Code – Dial *869# code and activate this service for free. Hence, lock your balance for your future use. *869# is Subscribe, Check & Unsubscribe Code of Jazz Balance Saver.

It has become very easy to save your balance with Mobilink. The new code just revealed by the network allows its users to save the desired balance whenever they want. This is the best-ever supporting service provided by the first 4G data network in Pakistan.

Often people have complained that they have recently recharged their balance, but the company has deducted the balance without any reason. That’s why the network has launched a savings account, in which you can keep your balance for a long time.

Jazz Balance Save Code

Jazz Balance Save Code – Follow these working steps to save your Jazz SIM Balance in another saver account till you withdraw the balance on your own. In these steps, we have clearly mentioned the method to Save Balance in Jazz SIM, withdraw your saved balance and the method to end (unsub) this service. Let’s take a look at these steps:

  • Dial *869# from your Jazz SIM.
  • Reply with 1 (Raqam Daalein) to save balance
  • Reply with 2 (Raqam Neekalen) to withdraw balance
  • To End Jazz Balance Save Service Reply with 3 (Service Khatam Karen)

Dial *869# Code

Jazz Balance Save Code

Now choose any option you want to perform with the Jazz Balance Saver Service.

Main Menu Of Jazz Balance Save Code

That’s it, it is very easy and 100% working method to save your important balance on Jazz 3G/4G (old and new) SIM. Just dial *869# code and enjoy this service for free of cost.

Balance Save Service Unsubscribe

To unsubscribe Jazz Balance Save Code Service, you have to follow the steps that are mentioned below.

  • Dial *869# Code
  • Reply with 3 (Service Khatam Karen)
  • You have successfully unsubscribed Jazz Balance Save Service
  • If your balance was saved, then it will automatically transfer into your main account
Jazz *869# Unsub

Jazz Balance Save Code Price

This service is absolutely free. Whenever you save (lock) balance from this service, you don’t have to pay any fee. However, the users whenever withdraw the balance will pay PKR 1.2+tax only.

Doosra Balance Account Details

This is a completely free service for Jazz users. With the help of this service, you can save your balance and in the future, you can withdraw the saved balance in a few steps and use it. This new type of service is specially designed for people to use their balance in an emergency.

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Balance Save When Data Is On

As you know, when we Turn-On the mobile data, we have to save our balance on Jazz SIM. Hence, you can also dial *275# Jazz Balance Save Code While Using Internet 2024.

  • Code *275#
Terms & Conditions
  • All kinds of Government taxes will apply.
  • The income tax rate is 12.5% on each recharge.
  • Always use PTA authorized SIM card as it is your identity.
  • This is only a supportive service & the subscription is absolutely free.
  • For more info, visit the website for FAQs.

9 thoughts on “Jazz Balance Save Code – How To Save Jazz Balance?”

  1. why there is error in deducting unhide charges. What is this behaviour man , i need balance that I’ve saved in my account but now how to get that balance/amount back ?

    • Hi Dear, You can simply unsubscribe from the “Balance Save Service” to get your saved balance back. Here how you can do this:
      1: Dial *869#
      2: Now Reply with “3” (Service Khatam Kren)
      3: Hence the service will be deactivated and your saved balance will automatically transfer into your main account.

  2. Why error detecting unhide charges are coming in withdrawing balance through * 869# of my account????

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