MTag One Network App 2024 | All You Need To Know!

MTag One Network App (Beta) is now available on the play store and the officials have also created the “MTag Portal” to help the motorway travelers and to take care of valuable citizens of Pakistan.

Basically, the implementation M-Tag was very quick for many travelers. That’s why people in Pakistan still don’t know about many important points and features of the M-Tag service. That’s why we have written this article in which we will discuss the new app of “M-Tag” that is recently uploaded on the play store for quick help.

Now you can get basic features (details) and quick access to M-Tag tools via MTag One Network App (Beta) in 2024. Just download and install it and get the basic features of this technology-based system via your cell phone.

MTag One Network App (Beta)

According to the name of this new app, the basic features that are present in it are directly associated with “motorway authority” and M-Tag service. People after the implementation of this technology-based (toll plaza) service get confused about their M-Tag balance.

People also get confused about the “toll plaza history” of recent travels, “toll calculator” to manage the next deduction from the toll plaza. And the other feature is “M-Tag recharge” via this app. That’s why we have given the heading “Pak Motorway Solution” to this all-in-one package.

6 Features of M-Tag App

Basically, the MTag One Network App (Beta) comes with six features for all users. We have given below the description of each feature with its image details below.

  • My My-Tag
  • Recharge
  • Toll History
  • Toll Calculator
  • M-Tag Feedback
  • M-Tag Helpline

Let’s talk about these features first but before that, we have given below the download link of this app of “android play store” & “apply play store” respectively. 1st download and install then we will proceed to the next step in this article.

Download & Install App

1st of all, please click on the given links according to your device type and download + install the “MTag One Network App” (Beta) on your mobile.

If you have an android mobile, then click on android link present below to download M-Tag One App for android.

Download Android Version

if you have an Apple mobile then click on iOS link present below to download M-Tag One App for Apple iOS device.

Download iOS (iPhone) Version

MTag App (Sign-Up)

1st of all, you have to sign up (create an account) in the MTag One Network App. So that your CNIC number & phone number register in the motorway database respectively. Click on the “red Sign Up” button” and proceed to the next page.

MTag One Network App (sign up)

Now enter your basic details in this form to create a new M-Tag ID account on the beta app. Here is the step-by-step description. Please follow these steps:

  • Enter “Full Name”
  • Now provide “CNIC Number”
  • Enter your “Mobile Number”
  • Click on “Sign Up” button
MTag One Network App (fill)
  • They Will send a verification SMS on your number via 44731 official number
  • Enter the 6 (six) digits verification code & click verify
MTag One Network App (verify)
  • Done! Your account is created & app will automatically open

App All Features Description

As we have mentioned that there are six features of this app. We have given below the description of each feature with its images to convey the full details so that users can use this app easily.

My M-Tag

1st tab is “My M-Tag” and it contains the basic details of the user, m-tag ID, phone number, and the registered CNIC number. Hence, it is a self-care tab for the registered users of this app. It is present in the top left corner of the front page of “MTag One Network App” officially.

MTag One Network App (front)

Toll History

The 2nd option (feature) of this app is “Toll History” and it contains the all-time travel history of the registered m-tag user. For example, the details of travel (from which interchange the user’s entered or leave” or the bill of recent travels. Thus, all details are present in this tab.

toll history


The 3rd feature is “recharge” and it recharges the current account of the M-Tag user. Not only-but also it recharges is possible from 500 to 10,000, and you can recharge anytime & anywhere. Hence, it is the major benefit of this app that it provides the feature to recharge the M-Tag ID and “always stay” active to travel anywhere on PAK motorway.

recharge online

Toll Calculator

The next most appreciating feature of this app is “Toll Calculator” which is present with the 6 options on the front page of this app. Basically, via this feature, you can calculate the “toll tax” of different interchanges. In addition, it also contains the option of vehicle, route, and motorway option. Here is how it works:

  • Click on “Toll Calculator”
  • Select Motorway from “M1, M2, M3, M9, LSM, Swat Motorway, LRR”
  • Accordingly, select your route from all “Interchanges”
  • Select your “Vehicle Type” among “car, wagon, coaster, bus, trailer, truck 2 axles, truck 3 axle”
  • Finally, click on “Calculate Toll Rate” and after processing your rate will be appear on the top of this tab.
toll calculator

M-Tag Feedback

Second, the last option is “M-Tag Feedback” and contains to receive the “remarks” of the users. In fact, here is how it works:

  • Provide name
  • Enter CNIC number
  • Now enter Mobile number
  • Add your “Remarks” in details
  • Click on submit button present at the end


The last feature (option) of this app is “helpline” and when you click on this tab then the 1313 number automatically dial via your phone. Hence, it is a basic feature of this app.


Sign Out Button

Click on the top right side “profile” button and click on the “SIGN OUT” button to log out your ID from this app. Now, whenever you want to log in, then enter your “CNIC & Mobile Number” and enter into your “MTag One Network App” for free. Finally, enjoy the basic features to “load your account (m-tag ID) or use other features” via this app.

sign out button
Video on One Network App

Here we have made a short but informative video on this topic “app” for our dear visitors. Watch this video and get full knowledge about this app in a few seconds.

Benefits of M-Tag App

By downloading this app, you will enjoy numerous benefits. In addition, here for the short description, we have mentioned a few benefits of the M-Tag One Network App below:

  • Motorway info is in your palm (hands)
  • Just download it to stay connected with M-Tag
  • Get your “interchange m-tag tax” via toll calculator
  • Now you can get help via the official help tab in app
  • You can also send feedback to motorway officials
  • Now the “online m-tag” recharge is possible via this app

There are also many other benefits, but few of them that are considered major benefits are given above. Hence, download it today and stay calm while traveling on “Pakistan Motorway” to shorten your long distances (traveling).

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Final Words

You can download it today and start traveling on Motorway with affordable toll tax. Hence, it is the best service for all citizens and for those people who don’t want to waste their time in the long queue of cars. Just enter on the motorway and start traveling because the M-Tag ID will automatically pay the toll tax.

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All these articles are directly related to M-Tag Motorway officially. Hence, we suggest our dear visitors read any of these articles to get in-depth knowledge about M-Tag in Pakistan.

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