How to Get Motorway M-Tag in 2024 | M-Tag Registration

In Pakistan, the motorway authority has decided to implement the latest MTag Registration technology for the collection of toll plaza tax. Instead of waiting in a long queue for getting a toll plaza receipt to get permission to travel on a Motorway, the government has implemented the technology-based scanning system for quick “vehicle entry”.

Get M-Tag for your vehicle while traveling on Motorway M2 through MTag Registration. It is a very simple and the free of cost service. We have mentioned its step-by-step guidance in easy words as well as its video explanation on this page.

When we attempt to step on the Motorway the checkpoint (toll plaza) welcomes us, and we have to pay the GST according to the car type. This manual process takes several minutes and causes the car’s queue. That’s why the digital system will make an account of your car in the Motorway database. You just have to load your account frequently so that whenever you travel on the Motorway the scanner deducts your GST without stopping you.

How to Get Motorway M-Tag

How to Get Motorway M-Tag in 2024 – The owner just has to bring their car to the Motorway toll-plaza. Give them your CNIC, Car Registration Book, car model details, and provide a phone number respectively. They will enter your data in the Motorway database, and you will be registered automatically.

This process takes up to 1 minute and the agents give you an M-Tag (sticker) which you must have to stick that code on the top center of your car’s windscreen. When the cars enter the scanner, scan that sticker (QR Code). After the scan, the machine automatically deducts your toll plaza bill from your account. If the balance is less than the GST, then the Motorway authority stops you, and you have to recharge it via (Motorway checkpoints or JazzCash App) without any tax.

M-Tag Details in Urdu

In this video, we have mentioned all those methods and points which are important for you to completely understand the MTag service. You will get the guide in the Urdu language about “Mtag registration Online”, Mtag registration, How to get Mtag Pakistan, M-Tag fees, and recharge method. All these keywords are basically described separately in this video just for you.

Unique ID (QR Code)

Basically, the MTag service generates a QR Code and each code is different from others. Hence, the unique ID is given to each car so that every time the scanner scans the car QR Code. That automatically processes the car number plate, registration, car type and generates the toll plaza e-bill.

How To Register For M-Tag?

Take your CNIC, Car Registration to the Motorway toll plaza service center and register for free. Get your 1st code free and 2nd code will be given at the price of Rs 200.

How To Check Your ID?

Every car has a special M-Tag ID. You can check your M-Tag ID by sending an SMS according to this format “MTAG <space> CNIC Number” to 9909 for free.

How To Load Balance?

Now the question arises that how you can load (recharge) the M-Tag ID. You must have enough balance in M-Tag to travel on M2. Hence, you can load by online method and through a physical visit to toll plaza centers.

Use these apps to recharge online:

Here, we have described all these methods through which you can Recharge Your M-TaG ID. Click here on the blue link and redirect your reading to online recharge or payment method article.

M-Tag Online Registration Link

Always remember that M-Tag Car Registration is case-sensitive. It is because of different toll plaza taxes according to vehicle type. Usually, cars have low tax and trucks have high taxes. Hence, to avoid the scam, the Motorway officials have launched an online physical registration method. No online registration is available. Hence, never provide your sensitive info to any website because their databases don’t exist online.

Last Date To Travel

It is notable that the last date to travel on M2 (Lahore to Islamabad) is 31 December 2024. After this date, you have to get your M-Tag code on your car mirror so that you can travel further. Otherwise, you are not welcomed on the M2 Motorway.

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  1. I want to make my M TG card. Please guide me. I travel sometime Khanewal to islamabad or khanewal to lahore..please let me how can i apply online for m tag registration.

    Rana farhan bashir

    • Dear Sir, You can only get your M-Tag from Motorway Toll Plaza.
      Hence bring your car to the motorway and provide the toll plaza agent your CNIC & Car Registration.
      In 2 minutes they will provide you free M-Tag for your car.


  2. How i can make my mtag ….. I have cimpany owned car…. I have authority letter from my company….. Is this facility is available to get mtag over authority letter. ????

    • Car having company property is the 2nd condition that applies according to “M-Tag terms & conditions”. Such cases can only be answered by the M-Tag authority, which usually remains active for your help on the motorway terminal (toll plaza) 24/7. Hence visit then for your help.

  3. I bought car and now car is on my name but mtag named to previous owner how to get mtag on my name.

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