3557 SMS Pin Code in Pakistan (Full Details)

Do you have received the 3557 SMS Pin Code in Pakistan? Don’t worry, it is a game service “MarvelG” and it activates automatically and deducts 25 rupees weekly.

On this page, I have described the activation, deactivation, and basic price plans of this service. Hence stay connected with us for a full guide about the 3557 code service.

 In Pakistan, all SIM cards have launched different game services. The MarvelG service is one of those numerous services. This 3557 code belongs to this service. In addition, this service activates on prepaid numbers automatically. Hence it charges the balance continuously from the user account.

3557 SMS Pin Code in Pakistan

Those users who have automatically got subscribed to the 3557 game service. They need to call the helpline and ask the agent to deactivate all the extra services and packages from their number.

Hence it is a golden trick that can save your balance. Those users who are getting tired of such extra services that cause their balance loss can get connected with a helpline to make their account save from such services.

What is This Service?

Look at the picture that is present below. It is the official demo of that service that subscribes on Zong, Jazz, Ufone, and Telenor numbers.

game service SMS

1st of all the user receives a pin and then a game service that is extra for casual users to activate. Hence we have mentioned below the method to deactivate this service.

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Weekly 25 Rupees (Price)

You have to pay 25 rupees weekly if your number got subscribed to this offer. Those users who got activated this game service usually receive an SMS notification.

How To Deactivate This Service?

Whether you are using Jazz, Zong, Ufone, or Telenor SIM and you receive SMS from this service you just need to call the helpline. When you got connected to the helpline then ask the official agent of your network to deactivate all extra service from your number. Hence this method will also deactivate this service and your future balance will remain the same.

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