Zong Islamic Portal Unsubscribe Code 2024 | Unsub 786

Send an SMS “Unsub” to 7867 for Zong Islamic Portal Unsubscribe Code 2024. This will also unsub Zong 786, Zong Islamic Portal, and Namaz Alert Service permanently from your prepaid SIM for free.

Pakistan is a fully Islamic country that was created on the basis (viewpoints) of Islam. That’s why people fully obey the Quran and Holy Prophet’s sayings.

That’s why all telecom networks including Zong have launched an Islamic (alert) service. This is present for prepaid and postpaid users. This service provides plenty of alerts according to the Islamic calendar, time, and year.

Zong Islamic Portal Unsubscribe Code

Islamic Portal Service by Zong is also a major (all-in-one) part of all those Islamic services. Zong 4G SIM runs these religious buckets. If you activate this Islamic Portal Service then you will get the following services.

List of available Islamic services by Zong 786 (Islamic Portal) Offer:

  • Namaz Alert
  • Ramzan Calendar
  • Quran Translation
  • Quran (Daily, Weekly & Monthly)
  • Ahadees (Daily, weekly & monthly)

These are the major service that comes in this 1 package. However, all those users who want to fully end (cancel) this service on prepaid SIM can follow the given steps present below.

Unsub Islamic Services

Follow these steps and get rid of all these services and extra money deductions via the following easy steps:

  • Open “New Message”
  • Type New SMS “Unsub”
  • Now send this deactivation command to 7867
  • Success! Your Zong Islamic Service 786 have been removed

Hence, via this easy method, you can deactivate Zong Islamic Services. And also unsub Zong Islamic Portal, Zong 786 Offer, Zong 7779, and Zong Namaz Alert via 1 SMS (Unsub to 7867).

Deactivation Of Zong 786

Basically, people search “Zong 786 Offer Unsubscribe” on the internet because they don’t know the real name of this service. Actually, subscription code of “Zong Islamic Portal Service” is 786. That’s why people get confuse and rename this offer with a new name, “786 bucket”. However, the reality is the opposite, and the reality of unsub about Islamic service is mentioned above.

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Should We Remove Islamic Portal or Not?

I don’t recommend deactivating this service because it is a character building service. That provides Holy Quran & Hades daily to improve our characters and mentality. However, it is the user’s need (whether they can afford it or not).

Because of the huge list of working services that “Zong Islamic Portal” provides charges Rs 2.38+Tax per day. On the other hand, the monthly charges are Rs 25+tax. That’s why people often deactivate it to save the balance for basic features such as calls, SMS, and internet usage.

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  • Abdul Mateen

    I send Un sub message to 7867


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