Jazz Social Packages 2024 | Daily, Weekly, Monthly (Updated)

Jazz Social Packages – Use Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, IMO and YouTube on Jazz by activating these daily, weekly or monthly Social Packages in affordable price. You can also use free social media or activate low-rate buckets to access Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO, TikTok, Snapchat, and other social media apps on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Getting social media MBs on Jazz is very easy. In addition, these social media MBs (data) are also cheap and affordable (low price) as compared to other internet packages of Jazz.

Hence we suggest our dear visitors use social media apps by activating the daily, weekly, or monthly social package of Jazz instead of using plain internet package data. Because the plain internet packages are expensive compared to these social media buckets. Let’s see the new Jazz Social Media Packages that are trending these days in Pakistan among 3G/4G SIM card users.

Jazz Social Packages

The Jazz Warid always provides internet packages at cheap rates. Same as that, the Social packages of Jazz are also affordable. As you know social media MBs are cheap and affordable, hence the Jazz Social Packages are also affordable for all prepaid subscriptions.

We have divided the 10 Social Media buckets of Jazz into 4 different categories according to their validity. Let’s see at the names of these buckets first before the description starts:

  • Free Facebook Offer
  • Daily WhatsApp & SMS
  • Daily YouTube & Social
  • Weekly WhatsApp & SMS
  • Weekly YouTube & Social
  • Weekly Social Plus Offer
  • Monthly Social Offer
  • Monthly Social Plus
  • Multan Social (Location Based)
  • Karachi Social (Location Based)

Now we start our today article and here are the complete details of Jazz Social Packages 2024 with their prices, codes, and basic info present in ascending order. Hence take a look at each bucket and select 1 perfect package for your usage.

Free Facebook Offer

Are you out of balance and still want to use Facebook on your device (Android or iPhone) mobile? If Yes! Then you have the option to use the free Facebook App on Jazz SIM without paying any single paisa. You just need to follow these steps and use free Facebook Jazz 24/7, whenever you want.

  • Turn on mobile data
  • Open the Facebook App
  • Click on the “FREE MODE” button
  • The button is present in the app toolbar
  • Free Facebook will start working
  • You can access like, comments & chat
  • Free Mode does not support images & videos

Note: You can use Free Facebook on Jazz every day without any hidden charges.

Jazz Social Packages (Daily)

There are 2 packages in the Jazz Social Packages list. 1st package supports WhatsApp & SMS on daily basis. On the other hand, the 2nd package gives YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp for 1 day. Full details are present below with each package description:

Daily WhatsApp & SMS

Dial *334# to get 10 MBs for WhatsApp (Social Media App) and 1800 SMS (messages) for 1 day. This package charges Rs 8 from the subscriber account.

Offer Name:Daily WhatsApp SMS
Data:10 MBs
Validity:1 Day
Price:Rs 8
Subscribe Code:*334#

Note: The user will also get 1800 SMS with social data.

Daily YouTube & Social

2nd package Jazz Daily Social Media Offer is Jazz Daily YouTube & Social Bucket. Dial *968# to get 1.5GB data for YouTube, WhatsApp, and Facebook (apps) at fix price of 23 rupees.

Offer Name:Daily YouTube Social
Validity:1 Day
Price:Rs 23
Subscribe Code:*968#

Note: 1500 MBs will work on Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube only.

Jazz Social Packages (Weekly)

The next 3 packages are valid for 7 days, that’s why we call these offers => Jazz Weekly Social Packages. Each bucket is present below with its original name, code, and price.

Weekly WhatsApp & SMS

Same as the daily social bucket that is present above, the 1st weekly social bundle comes with “WhatsApp and SMS” respectively. Dial *101*1*07# to activate Weekly WhatsApp & SMS Offer and get 25 MBs for WhatsApp with 1500 SMS for 26 rupees.

Offer Name:Weekly WhatsApp SMS
Data:25 MBs
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 26
Subscribe Code:*101*1*07#

Note: After activating the weekly social offer you will receive 1500 SMS also.

Weekly YouTube & Social

Getting 5GB YouTube with other social media apps for 7 days has become possible through Weekly YouTube & Social Jazz Offer. Let’s see how it works:

Offer Name:Weekly YouTube Social
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 138
Subscribe Code:*660#

Note: Use IMO, YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, and BIP via this weekly social offer.

Weekly Social Plus Offer

It is a hybrid social package that comes at an affordable price of Rs 195. Dial *668# to get 8GB of data, 500 SMS, 500 Jazz Minutes, and 25 Other Network Minutes. Let’s see its full details:

Offer Name:Weekly Social Plus
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 195
Subscribe Code:*668#

Note: 8GB works on IMO, YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, and BIP. It also provides other incentives given above.

Jazz Social Packages (Monthly)

It’s time to activate any monthly social bundle so we can enjoy the fun of all social media apps for 30 days non-stop. You just need to see the total monthly buckets from here and activate any package that is suitable from here:

Monthly Social Offer

1st of all, Jazz provides Monthly Social Offer to access social apps for 30 days. Activate it using the *661# code and get 7GB (Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO, Snapchat, and BIP) + 12,000 SMS for 148 rupees.

Offer Name:Monthly Social
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 148
Subscribe Code:*661#

Note: Subscribers will also get 12,000 SMS by this offer.

Monthly Social Plus

With the addition of the word “Plus” the old Monthly Social Offer has been updated and now it comes with 10GB WhatsApp, IMO & Facebook data, 300 Jazz Minutes, 300 SMS, and 50 Other Network Minutes for 200 rupees.

Offer Name:Social Plus
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 200
Subscribe Code:*617#

Note: Subscribers will also get SMS & On + Off-Net Minutes through this offer.

Location Based Social Offers

There are 2 location-based social offers launched by Jazz prepaid. These 2 buckets are for major cities in Pakistan. The names and details of both Location Based Social buckets are present below:

Multan Social Offer

Activate Multan Social Offer by dialing *499# and get 4GB for WhatsApp, IMO, Facebook, and BIP apps. These 4000 MBs are available for 41 rupees.

Offer Name:Multan Social
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 41
Subscribe Code:*499#

Note: Only Jazz users of Multan city + related areas can activate this offer.

Karachi Social Offer

It is a 50 rupees monthly location-based social media package. This offer comes with 5GB of data only for Facebook App. Dial *532# to activate this offer.

Offer Name:Karachi Social
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 50
Subscribe Code:*532#

Note: All Karachi residents are eligible to get this monthly 5GB Facebook offer.

How To Activate Jazz Social Package?

As you know, each social media package that is present above has a subscription code. However, still, those users who want to activate this offer “ONLINE” can use this button present below to activate any social media bucket online from the official Jazz portal.

See: Jazz Weekly Mega

Check Remaining Social MBs in Jazz

One and Only Jazz World App is the solution to check the remaining MBs of any prepaid social, internet, or plain data bucket. Hence download the jazz world app and check the remaining incentives (MBs, SMS & Minutes) of your currently activated Jazz bucket.

See: Jazz Weekly Mega Plus

Terms & Conditions
  • Prices include taxes
  • These are social offer
  • These MBs can’t access the internet
  • Access selected apps via social MBs
  • GST, AIT, FED, and other taxes will apply