Advance Balance Unsubscribe Code (Jazz, Zong, Ufone, Telenor)

Advance Balance Unsubscribe Code of Jazz is *112*4# | for Zong 310 | for Ufone 333 | for Telenor 1700 Code dial and deactivate Loan Service on your prepaid and postpaid number.

In the telecom industry users often face an “automatic subscription of Loan service” and it causes extra deduction in the future. Hence, many Jazz, Zong, Ufone, and Telenor Users have messaged me personally to update details about the “un-subscription of Advance Balance” service in Pakistan.

In addition, you know very well in Pakistan 4 networks (telecom) are working and all of these are providing better services in terms of SMS, Calls & Data packages. That’s why people don’t want to change their network. However, some services disturb them and they shift their SIM. That’s why we are going to share important info about “loan unsub”. To stop this service permanently (unless you dial emergency loan code) yourself.

Advance Balance Unsubscribe

In fact, the basic reason behind the deactivation of auto-subscribe loan (advance) balance service is its massive tax deduction on the time of the next load. This is the list of load amount and its tax rate (deduction) on the next recharge:

Loan amount & tax (price) on next recharge:

  • Jazz Advance Rs 15 (Loan) & deduction Rs 20.5
  • Zong Advance Rs 15 (Loan) & deduction Rs 19.9
  • Ufone Advance Rs 20 (Loan) & deduction Rs 24.40
  • Telenor Advance Rs 20 (Loan) & deduction Rs 25.3

Finally, it’s time to describe, how you can deactivate (unsub) the Emergency Loan (Advance) automatic subscription in your SIM? Hence, follow the instructions present in the section of each network (separately).

Jazz Advance Unsub Code

Dial *112*4# and deactivate this loan service from your Jazz number. It means “whenever your balance left at its lowest state the network will never add loan (advance) in your account” till you dial the loan code yourself.

Zong Loan Deactivation Code

In Zong, you can “cancel auto-subscription of advance balance” by calling on 310 code. As a result, this code will connect you to the Zong help center where you can command to deactivate Zong Loan Service from your number.

UAdvance Unsub Code

Did Ufone always add 25 rupees UAdvance in your account without dialing the advance code? If Yes! Then dial 333 or call on 0331-1333100 number and ask the service center authority to deactivate UAdvance service.

Telenor Emergency Load (Stop)

Stop Telenor Emergency Load permanently by making a call on 1700 to directly stop this service from the Telenor office. In fact, this number will connect you with Telenor officials. And you can tell them to stop the Emergency Load (loan) service in the future.

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The main impact of deactivation of Emergency Load (Loan) or Advance service will increase your balance amount every time you load. In past, your load was deducted in the form of “advance amount + tax”. Moreover, after the deactivation of these services, you will feel free and the balance will transfer 100% (full) on recharge. Now you don’t need to worry about your balance deduction because you will never get advance balance after successful unsub.

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