Telenor TeleClips Unsubscribe Code 2024 | Deactivate TeleClips

Telenor TeleClips Unsubscribe – Type “Unsub TeleClips” and send this deactivation command to 8068. It will unsub TeleClips permanently from prepaid Telenor SIM cards.

Like other video streaming apps, the TeleClips is a famous video streaming app that provides online shows, videos, movies, songs, and much more at an affordable daily and weekly rate.

People used to activate this service, but no one knows the deactivation code of TeleClips Telenor. That’s why Apna4G has described the full deactivation via you can get rid of this continuous charging service.

Telenor TeleClips Unsubscribe

With the progress of internet the video (movies, songs, and other TV Shows) are now available for free on the internet. That’s why all those Telenor users think that, furthermore, they don’t require this app.

They can simply “cancel their subscription” and save their balance. However, this deactivation is only possible through the SMS trick. This trick is present below on this page for all dear visitors.

TeleClips Deactivation (SMS)

Type SMS in the following format and deactivate the TeleClips package on your Telenor SIM. This deactivation will charge an official deduction according to daily and monthly usage:

  • Type “Unsub TeleClips”
  • Send it to 8068 Code
  • Wait for a SMS reply
  • Hence, In few seconds you will unsubscribe TeleClips

Un-Subscription Benefits

Basically, TeleClips is an app (service) that provides us (songs, movies, videos, TV Shows, Drama Serials) and all other showbiz-related videos + audios at a fixed price. Hence, It is good for all users, but it is 2k24 and everyone uses YouTube and other famous apps to access all videos for free. That’s why it is not necessary to pay extra money for those videos that we can get absolutely free.

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Finally, it is clear from the above discussion that it is possible to deactivate all those services that were difficult for you to unsub. Because Apna4G has described codes (deactivate + activate) of all those prepaid and postpaid services that are your favorite.