Ufone Notification Unsubscribe Code 2024 | Notify Me Unsub

Type SMS “Unsub” and send it to 3030 for Ufone Notification Unsubscribe. Hence Unsub Ufone Notify Me & Unotifications via SMS method. In addition, a few other deactivations tricks are also given here on this page.

Unotifications, Ufone Notify Me and Ufone Notification are 3 different names of 1 service. Hence, the deactivation method is also the same (1) for all these 3 services. This service works on prepaid and postpaid numbers and charges daily amount in the prepaid and monthly amounts in postpaid.

Basically, the Ufone Notification service works in those cases when SIM owners are unable to attend a call. This service automatically generates SMS and sends (notification to you & your friend) that the user’s number is available for calls now.

Ufone Notification Unsubscribe

Overall, the notification service is impressive and it can inform us about important calls. However, due to daily basis charges, this service often proves expensive to all prepaid and postpaid users.

That’s why we have discussed the deactivation (unsub) of this service. For this purpose, we have selected three (SMS Method) that will completely remove “Unotifications” – “Ufone Notify Me” – “Ufone Notification” service.

Deactivate Notification through SMS

Follow the given steps and type an SMS in the given pattern so that you can legally deactivate Ufone Notification Service:

  • Type a New SMS
  • Write SMS “Unsub”
  • Send this SMS to 3030

As a result of this SMS command, you have successfully deactivated “Unotifications” – “Ufone Notify Me” – “Ufone Notification” service from your prepaid or postpaid SIM.

UNotifactions Daily Charges

Notification service charges of Rs 0.18 are continuously deducted from the user every day. Hence, this price becomes Rs 6 including tax for 30 days. Whether you are using prepaid or postpaid SIM, you have to pay this fee.

Call 333 For FAQs

You can deactivate all services from the helpline. In addition, those users who have any question about notification service (subscription or deactivation) can inquire about it from 333 code. Hence, it is an all-in-one trick for Ufone users to remain up-to-date.

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Apna4G Recommendation

Whether you had subscribed to “Unotifications” – “Ufone Notify Me” – “Ufone Notification” service, it doesn’t affect the deactivation process. Because “Unsub to 3030” is the only SMS service that will remove all these notify offers from your number. Hence, follow the details present in this article and remain tension free because this trick works 100% on all Ufone SIM cards.