Cricket Alerts Unsubscribe Code 2024 (Jazz, Telenor, Zong, Ufone)

Cricket Alerts Unsubscribe | For Jazz Send “UNSUB” to 4466 – Zong “UNSUB” to 6660 – Telenor UNSUB to 5120 – Ufone Send “unsub” to 2582 for Daily Cricket Alerts, and for weekly alerts, send unsub to 6635.

Pakistanis always love to watch cricket matches. That’s why all telecom networks have launched a “cricket alerts” service for all prepaid and postpaid users.

All telecom SIM cards have Cricket Alerts packages, and it always becomes very difficult for users to deactivate (unsub) these cricket alerts or cricwick buckets on Jazz, Telenor, Zong, and Ufone. That’s why we have described the deactivation codes of cricket services here on this page.

Cricket Alerts Unsubscribe Code

Whether you are using Jazz, Zong, Ufone, or Telenor SIM and facing difficulty deactivating Cricket Alerts or (crickwick) service then follow the codes that are given here.

We have described all network’s deactivation codes for “cricket alerts” separately and the procedure to fully “cancel your subscription” from cricket daily, weekly & monthly subscriptions.

Jazz Cricket Deactivate:SMS UNSUB to 4466
Zong Cricket Deactivate:SMS UNSUB to 6660
Ufone Cricket Deactivate:Daily (unsub to 2582)
Weekly (unsub to 6635)
Telenor Cricket Deactivate:SMS UNSUB to 5120

Now all 4 networks with their cricket alerts service deactivation code + SMS methods are present. Take a look at your network code and get rid of the extra (cricket alerts) service.

Jazz Cricket Deactivation Code

Prepaid and Postpaid Jazz SIM users send SMS in the following format and “cancel Jazz cricket subscription”:

  • Type “UNSUB”
  • Send it to 4466
  • Your daily, weekly & monthly service will unsub
  • This method works on all Jazz prepaid and postpaid SIM cards

Note: Charges to send “deactivation command” via SMS will charge the official price of message delivery.

Zong Cricket Alerts Unsub Code

In Zong 4G you will have to send SMS same as you send in the Jazz network to deactivate the cricket alerts service. Hence, write SMS in the following format:

  • Type “UNSUB”
  • Send it to 6660
  • Done! Unsub is successfully complete

Remember that this deactivation will cancel all types of cricket services on your prepaid and postpaid number; hence, proceed with care for un-subscription.

Ufone Cricket Alerts Unsubscribe

Basically, Ufone Cricket Services in daily and weekly validity. That’s why there are 2 different codes that unsub 1-day & 7-day cricket service.

Ufone Daily Cricket Alerts Unsub:

  • Type “unsub”
  • Send it to 2582
  • Daily Cricket Alerts will unsub

On the other hand, those users who hand-activated Ufone Weekly Cricket Updates (offer) must have to follow these steps to deactivate this service:

Ufone Weekly Cricket Alerts Unsub:

  • Type “unsub”
  • Send it to 6635
  • Weekly Cricket Alerts will unsub

Telenor Cricwick & Cricket Alert Unsubscribe

Finally, for Telenor Cricket and Telenor Cricwick unsubscribe please follow steps and get rid of cricket service permanently in Telenor:

  • Type “UNSUB”
  • Send it to 5120
  • Done! Cricket Alerts are unsub on Telenor

See: Ufone Auto Balance Alert Unsub

See: Telenor TeleClips Unsubscribe

Apna4G Conclusion

It is possible to deactivate all types of prepaid and postpaid packages via Apna4G. We have described all package’s deactivation codes separately on our portal. Hence, visit Apna4G other pages to see the details of unsub for Jazz, Zong, Ufone, and Telenor different packages.

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