Missed Call Alert Unsubscribe Code (Jazz, Zong, Ufone, Telenor)

All Pakistani Networks Jazz, Zong, Ufone, Telenor Missed Call Alert Unsubscribe Codes are given here on this page. Hence take a look at your SIM code and “cancel your subscription” to this extra service.

Do you want to deactivate the ‘Missed Call Alert’ service on your 3G/4G SIM? If Yes! Then you just have to follow the given instructions according to the given pattern and successfully perform the unsub command.

If any user call on your number and your mobile was off, out of coverage, signal problem, or any other reasonable cause of a call miss. The network automatically generates an SMS through which you can ensure your well-wisher that you will contact him as soon as possible.

Missed Call Alert Unsubscribe Code

But now the question arises, how we can deactivate Missed Call Alert service on prepaid or postpaid SIM? It is very simple because telecom networks have separately launched special codes that deactivate this service permanently.

These are the unsubscription codes of Jazz, Zong, Ufone, and Telenor Missed Call Alert service. 1st take a look at their initial info then observe the details present after this table (separately) of each network:

Full Details:

Missed Call Alert Service:UNSUB Codes
Jazz Service Unsub*180*1#
Zong Service (Weekly)SMS Unsub to 6226
Zong Service (Monthly)Send Unsub to 6229
Ufone Service UnsubscribeSMS “Unsub” on 180
Telenor Service (Weekly)*345*623#
Telenor Service (60 Days)Send ‘dmca’ to 345
Alert My Caller Telenor UnsubSend ‘DAMC’ to 345

This is an overview of deactivation codes & SMS methods. However, their details will charge and additional details are present below.

Jazz Missed Call Alert Unsub

To get rid of this Rs 1.74+Tax per day (extra service) please follow these instructions:

  • Dial *180*1#
  • Wait for a few sends
  • Done! Missed Call Alert is deactivated

You can also dial the 111 helpline number and deactivate this service from a prepaid or postpaid number.

Zong Missed Call Alert Unsub

For the deactivation of the Zong network, the official just has launched an SMS trick that can deactivate this service:

1st, to deactivate Weekly Missed Call Alert service in Zong:

  • Type new SMS
  • Write Unsub
  • Send it to 6226

2nd, to deactivate Monthly Missed Call Alert service in Zong:

  • Write new SMS
  • Type Unsub
  • Send command to 6229

Ufone Missed Call Alert Unsub

All 2G/3G/4G users having this extra service working on Ufone SIM follow these given instructions:

  • Create an SMS
  • Create “Unsub”
  • Send Unsub to 180

Deactivation has been proceeding and the un-subscription confirmation SMS will receive soon after this step.

Telenor Missed Call Alert Unsub

In Pakistan, the only network Telenor gives 3 different options in Missed Call Alert Service. That’s why you have to follow these 3 different procedures to deactivate a specific type of Missed Call Alert Service according to validity and operation style.

1st (Deactivate Weekly Service)

  • Dial *345*623#
  • Success! Weekly Missed Call Alert is Deactivated

2nd (Deactivate 60 Days Service)

  • Type “dmca”
  • Send an SMS to 345
  • Done! 60 days Missed Call Alert is Deactivated

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3rd (Deactivate Alert My Caller)

  • Finally, Type “dmca”
  • Send “dmca” to 345

That’s it, you have unsubscribed from Telenor Alert My Caller Service. It is all, Apna4G has described from start to end the basic details of “Missed Call Alert Service” deactivation methods.

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It is an extra service that always proves helpful to prepaid and postpaid users. Its 24/7 alert service proves helpful in creating a strong connection between on-network and off-network users. Comment below in case of further queries.

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