Jazz BKK Offer (Bakhabar Kissan) Sub & Unsubscribe Code 2024

Be a part of Jazz BKK Offer & remain up-to-date with the latest agriculture tips & news. Subscribe & unsubscribe codes are given below.

If you are a farmer, or you own agricultural land, then subscribe to latest jazz package. This package is specially designed for all types of farmers related to the agriculture field. This service informs the subscribers of the latest weather updates, rates of different agricultural things & government schemes related to farmers.

Jazz BKK Offer (Bakhabar Kissan)

Bakhabar Kissan offer will support Pakistani farmers in all types of updates. Hence, these updates & tips will help the village people to take decisions wisely. As a result, the cost of investment will be far less than income. Activate this service and be a part of digital farming news & tips.

Here the subscription, unsubscription, price, code, and other related details of this prepaid service is present. Hence, take a look at this detail to remain up-to-date about farming in Pakistan.

Jazz BKK Offer Subscribe Code

Subscribe Bakhabar Kissan service by dialing 03030300000. The network will deduct PKR 1.50 per day including all taxes.

Offer Name:Jazz BKK Offer
SUB-Fee:PKR 1.50/Day

Jazz BKK Offer Unsubscribe Code

To unsubscribe from Jazz BKK Offer please send SMS “Unsub” to 03030300000 for free. The notification message will confirm the subscription of Jazz Warid Bakhabar Kissan service.

Offer Name:Jazz BKK Offer
UNSUB:Send Unsub
to 03030300000

BKK Service Benefits

Jazz Warid Bakhabar Kissan Offer is specially designed by the professionals of the network. This service was designed keeping in mind the needs of farmers.

Jazz BKK Offer Details

That’s why the benefits of this service are very essential for farmers.

Daily Weather Updates

The user will receive daily weather updates with the Jazz Warid Bakhabar Kissan service. Through this service, farmers can accelerate the growth of their fields.

Update Market Rates

Agriculture-related FaQs such as seeds, fertilizers, and other updates rates present in markets are update on the app daily. In addition, the app will compare the rates of all things offered by various companies. You can select your Desire Company & affordable rates while sitting homes.

Government Announcements

All latest government announcements such as taxes & loan schemes are notified by the network to the farmers. Hence, there is no need to watch TV news because the news is now in your hands.

Cultivation Tips

Receive the latest tips from chemical & agriculture experts about your soil. Get the best tips and increase the rate of your average crops. Hence, we can say that cultivation has become easier with this service.

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Apna4G Conclusion

In the end, we have to say that for farmers, this is the first appreciating step ever taken by Pakistani telecommunication networks. This service has become a source of information for Pakistani farmers.

In addition, for complete details, please click on INFO & FAQs.

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