Jazz Discount Bazar Unsubscribe Code 2023 (Unsub)

Type “UNSUB” and send this SMS to the 5005 code. Jazz Discount Bazar Unsubscribe will automatically be done and you will “cancel your” subscription from this discount bazaar.

Jazz 4G launched the Jazz Discount Bazar Offer according to which the users (subscribers) can buy different products and items of their daily routine at a discount rate.

This offer also provides an all-in-one app to shop for items online. To illustrate this service is known as “bazaar” which means “shopping area” having all facilities under one roof.

Jazz Discount Bazar Unsubscribe

Do you want to deactivate Jazz Discount Bazar Service? If Yes! Then you are on the right page because our today’s article will describe complete info about the deactivation of this service.

Remember that Discount Bazar is a financial service that trades goods at affordable rates. That’s why the deactivation of this service also charges an official price (deactivation price). Hence stay connected with us and take a look at the SMS trick via which we can deactivate the “Discount Bazar” service.

SMS Deactivation Method

Follow these steps to Unsubscribe from Jazz Discount Bazar:

  • Type New SMS
  • Write “UNSUB”
  • Send it to 5005
  • Wait few seconds
  • Finally, You will receive Jazz’s reply
  • Done! You have unsub Jazz Discount Bazar

This is the top trick that will instantly deactivate the following service from Jazz prepaid SIM cards. After the deactivation of this service the official app of “Discount Bazar” will stop working.

Use Discount Bazar to Unsub

Basically, the user avail the benefits of this service via the Jazz Discount Bazar App. That’s why all the options (subscription, unsubscribe, and service control) are possible through the App of this service.

Hence follow these steps and use the “Jazz Discount Bazar App” to deactivate this service from your number. These are the deactivation steps:

  • Open Discount Bazar App
  • Click on 3 lines present right top side
  • Click on Settings present in the menu
  • Now click on “Settings Button” and proceed
  • Now click “payment section” and click “Unsubscribe”
  • Hence, You have successfully “Cancel Jazz Discount Bazar Subscription”

Helpline (All-in-One Solution)

When you want to proceed with any specific function and face difficulty or error then proceed to the helpline. This is the solution to all errors and problems in the telecom network.

  • Call 111
  • Ask Jazz to Unsub “Discount Bazar”
  • Wait till the agent deactivate this service
  • They will nifty you via SMS about deactivation
  • That’s it, You did nothing and also unsub this service

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My Recommendation

Finally, the author’s recommendation about the deactivation of Jazz Discount Bazar Service is (an SMS & Helpline) trick because this tricks in 100% cases. However, all those tricks and methods that are present on this page are fully authentic and work on prepaid SIM cards to unsub Jazz Discount Bazar service.

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