Jazz TV Unsubscribe Code 2024 – Jazz TV Daily Package Unsub

Here we have the tricks mentioned below & Jazz TV Unsubscribe Code. Please follow these instructions & unsubscribe Jazz TV daily package.

To deactivate the Jazz TV daily package, we have mentioned basic tricks & codes with service charges. All these details & deactivation codes are also present for dear subscribers.

However, for your kind information, the application allows the subscribers to enjoy unlimited videos. Now watch dramas, movies, cartoons, and much more at the lowest rates. Just activate the bundle and enjoy unlimited television.

Jazz TV Unsubscribe Code

It is on the user which method he selects because here we have 3 different methods that can help you to deactivate the TV on your prepaid SIM card. The package deactivation detail is given below.

To unsubscribe from Jazz TV daily, weekly or monthly package 3 tricks are available:

  • Jazz TV Unsubscribe Code
  • Uninstall Jazz TV App
  • Jazz TV deactivate via Helpline

These are the 3 basic methods to unsubscribe to daily, weekly or monthly “Jazz TV Package”. Follow the instructions given below and save your time & balance.

Jazz TV Unsubscribe (SMS)

The first method is to deactivate by “Jazz TV Unsubscribe Code”. Please type “unsub” and send the deactivation message to service number 6611. In a few seconds, your active television bundle will be deactivated.

  • Type “unsub” in the new message.
  • Now send the message to 6611.
  • Service will automatically deactivate.
  • Service charges are PKR 0.15 including tax.

Note: This code is valid to deactivate all Mobilink Packages.

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Uninstall Jazz TV App

The second trick to unsubscribe from the television bundle is very easy. You can simply “uninstall” the application from your device. Hence, after uninstallation, all activated bundles will unsubscribe automatically.

  • Open Android settings.
  • Click on applications settings.
  • Now select “Jazz TV”
  • Click on the “uninstall button”
  • As a result, the service is no longer active on SIM.

Note: By uninstalling the app (all daily, weekly & monthly) packages deactivate.

Jazz TV deactivate via Helpline

To deactivate the service, the subscribers can call on “Jazz Helpline” number. Contact the official helpline and ask for “package uninstallation”.

  • Call on Jazz Helpline 111.
  • Now ask to connect to customer care service.
  • Ask the agent to deactivate the Jazz TV (daily, weekly & monthly) package.
  • This trick cost just charges to call on helpline number.

Note: The jazz helpline number can help to deactivate all packages.

Apna4G Final Words

In the end, we inform you clearly that with the help of any trick mentioned above, you can uninstall all TV packages. That’s why in this Apna4G post you can get the complete guide to deactivate Jazz daily, weekly, or monthly TV application packages.

Click here for more details with INFO & FAQs.

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