Etisalat Call Divert Code – Etisalat Call Forwarding Service 2024

Both the Etisalat Call Divert or Etisalat Call Forwarding services are same. Subscribe & Unsubscribe codes of these services are present here on this page.

Do you want to Divert / Forward the incoming call of a specific number to your Etisalat Voice Male or to any other number? If yes! Then you should use this service. It is available for both prepaid and postpaid Etisalat users.

On this page we have describe the service charges, how to activate this service and the method to deactivate / unsubscribe Etisalat Call Divert / Etisalat Call Forwarding Service.

Etisalat Call Divert / Forwarding Code

Etisalat Call Divert / Forwarding service is free to activate. However, whenever this service use on your number for the diversion of call the officials will deduct its fees +tax. This is the main reason many people remain in the search of deactivation / Off code of this service.

There are four different categories of this service. Each category works according to different situation and the function of each category is different.

How To Activate Call Divert / Forwarding?

Dial *21*05xxxxxxxx# to forward all the calls of this specific number that you have added between * and # area. On the other hand, dial *67*05xxxxxxxx# to forward calls when you are busy.

For the activation of Etisalat Call Divert / Forwarding Service is case of “no answer” please dial *61*05xxxxxxxx# code. When your phone is switched off/unreachable, in such case the *62*05xxxxxxxx# code will work.

  • *21*05xxxxxxxx# (forward all calls)
  • *67*05xxxxxxxx# (forward when busy)
  • *61*05xxxxxxxx# (forward when no answer)
  • *62*05xxxxxxxx# (forward when switched off/unreachable)

Charges of Call Divert / Forwarding

For the activation of Call Divert / Forwarding service on Etisalat you don’t have to pay any fee. But whenever any call is diverted or forwarded from your Etisalat number to other number / voice mail, the service will deduct it usage charges are as per your local call rates.

  • Subscription fee = Free
  • Usage fee = as per local call rates

How To Deactivate Call Divert / Forwarding?

To deactivate the Etisalat Call Divert / Etisalat Call Forwarding Service, please dial #21# code. On the other hand, each remaining branches of this service have their own deactivation code that are mention below:

  • #21# (deactivate forward all calls)
  • #67# (deactivate forward when busy)
  • #61# (deactivate forward when no answer)
  • #62# (deactivate forward when switched off/unreachable)

In addition, you can also dial ##002# Etisalat code to check whether the Etisalat Call Forward service deactivate or not.

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This service proves helpful many times but when we have to divert / forward calls of Du or other networks from Etisalat then it may become expensive. That’s why, people want to deactivate this service. However, on this page, inch by inch details about this service is present. Moreover, those users who want additional details about this service can comment below or call the helpline of Etisalat network.

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